Everyone Must Know: Let’s Relaxed In An Elegant Way

Usually, elegance in interior designs is incorporated through ‘black tie’ formal themes. These include black and white, achromatic and extremely rigid aesthetics that are the epitome of chic sophistication. But rarely do we see a space that emits a low key, casual relaxed elegance. However, these days, designers have started focusing on this specific niche of interior design and Renopedia is here to tell you just how you can bring re the epitome of chic sophistication. but it in your own interior designs.



1. Bring in asymmetry

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Asymmetry is one of the best ways to bring a casual, low-key vibe in your interior designs. While symmetric interiors tend to be especially formal, you can use casual asymmetry in the form of quirky layouts, furnishings and even lighting fixture to make your spaces look positively inspiring. You can even use asymmetric color applications to make your interior design more unique.


2. Freestyle designing

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Who needs rigid boundaries when you can definitely think outside the box? When you’re going for a casual, relaxed elegance for your interior design, try not to bind yourself with preconceived notions. For example, that top shelf on your media wall does not have to be perfectly straight. And that small portion of the accent wall can definitely be decorated with custom-cut looking mirror designs.



3. Accessory arrangement

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Usually, the way you arrange your décor or accessories ends up defining the way your interior design actually looks. So always pay special attention to this part of the design. You can use mismatched books, picture frames and other trinkets to emulate a casual vibe within the space with the help of your décor.



4. Get creative with your styling

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We live in the era of the contemporary, and who needs a solitary interior design style to represent their entire personality and space. You can definitely use bits and pieces of various styles – as long as they are complementary – to highlight a relaxed and elegant ambiance in your interior design.



5. Wood is the best

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Wood is an extremely user-friendly texture. It is visually ergonomic and can make even the frostiest of interior designs look extremely friendly. So if you’re going for relaxed elegance, then you definitely have to use wooden textures in your overall design theme.

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