Excel Hardware’s Smart Organizing Products For Your Kitchen

For everyone who has woes about space deficiency in their small kitchens, no worries! Excel Hardware is here!

Excel Hardware is a famous kitchen product brand that has launched many successful and award-winning designs. Their products are not only durable, they are also the epitome of stylish and elegant. Each product is designed to solve not only the problem of small-scale storage design, but also enhances kitchen efficiency and helpfulness. Excel Hardware has a smart range of brilliant merchandise that will definitely make moving and working around your kitchens a prolific experience!

In this post, we’ll highlight the reasons you should choose Excel kitchen products.



1. Making the most of your small spaces

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The best part about Excel Hardware products is that each and every one of them has been designed specifically to accommodate small kitchens. They’re smartly built and extremely handy. Many of them can be used to make the most of otherwise redundant corners and alcoves in your kitchens.


The Excel Tandem Pantry is a great example of how their kitchen hardware can make even the smallest of spaces workable. Made of stainless steel and polished chrome, the Tandem Pantry is an intelligent storage unit that features a unique interlock design. Its innovative engineering and easy access makes it a customer favorite design! Its ergonomics are very simple to use and stylish to boot! Plus the way it makes use of small spaces is especially brilliant!

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On the other hand, the Magic Pullout System basket makes efficient use of those unusable nooks and corners in the cabinet structure that can never be used otherwise. The Magic Pullout System consists of a moveable center spine that carries 4 stainless steel baskets. You can easily pull it out, store your kitchen essentials and slide it back into the corner with ease! This smart kitchen product is definitely one of the best products Excel has to offer!


2. Fashionable 

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In addition to its focus on smart design and ergonomics, Excel kitchen hardware is also very sleek and fashionable. Each product features a classy design that brings out the best in any kitchen space. Coupled with the user-friendly designs, Excel delivers quality and fashion all in one, neatly gift-wrapped package!


The Excel Soft-Closing Pull-Out System is a great example of how the company successfully blends style and function in a seamless blend. With its steel chromed and melamine white trays and a dependably ergonomic design, this product makes the blind corners of your kitchen cabinets fully useable. These trays can be easily reached and pulled out like carousals with total ease! Its scratch resistant surface and sleek aesthetic makes it a truly coveted kitchen product!


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Similarly, Excel’s 2 Tier Multi-Purpose Drawer Basket not only makes kitchen organization simple, but also features sleek, elegant style that is the height of fashionable. Its polished chrome finish and soft-stop function is an enviable mix of beauty and pragmatics! The design has been specifically made to make kitchen organization fun as well as compact! With this product, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting what drawer or cabinet contains which kitchen essential ever again!


3. Trendy and Stylish

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Excel prides itself in providing its customers with only the best and trendiest of products. Every design is fully equipped to enhance both the efficiency as well as style of your kitchen design!

The Excel Multipurpose Soft Closing Wire Basket is a product that you never even knew you needed in your kitchen. With a single use it will become a true essential that not only heightens the trendy vibe of your kitchen, but also makes basic storage a total breeze! Its simple workability and easy installation make it a customer favorite design. Its polished chrome finish is the epitome of trendy! Furthermore, its full extension runners and ability to withstand up to than 25kg of weight also make it one of most pragmatic products in Excel’s range.

Excel’s 3 Tier Multipurpose Basket blends style and function with efficiency and ease. It’s the simplest solution to your dishwashing problems! Its wire mesh physique is pretty stylish, but its pull-out system is the trendiest of them all. Combined with its IREX silent technology and distinguished aesthetics, the 3 Tier Multipurpose Basket is an exceptional masterpiece. It features an innovative storage idea that will make drying your dishes a simple and easy task!


4. Best quality

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Quality and convenience are the Excel motto! Very Excel product boasts the highest quality materials that are rust resistant and extremely durable! So if you’re looking for kitchen equipment and storage solutions that will last for a long while, then Excel products are the way to go!

The Italian Series Soft Closing Hinge is a prime example of how Excel products deliver the best quality in their products. Its optimum flexibility and top-notch stainless steel build offers efficient performance and high durability. It comes with an adjustable mounting plate that can be adapted to personal use.it is also affordable and rust resistant. Less wear and tear means a longer lasting life at a cost-effective range. Excel promises that there would be zero jolting in the movement of these hinges!


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The Excel Soft Closing Pull-Out Basket is a study in sturdiness and durability. Its soft closing extension slide makes sure you’ll never unintentionally slam a drawer again. Its ergonomic build makes it easy and efficient to use. It is especially convenient for the storage of everyday kitchen utensils because of its easy overview. Combined with its high quality steel material and eco-friendly composition, this product is a high quality masterpiece.



5. Simple and convenient

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Excel promises that each of their product is extremely convenient and easy to use. Excel products make everyday kitchen activities much more user friendly and simple. You’ll never have to bluster around unequipped with a Kitchen installed with Excel Hardware products.


Excel’s Sink Hand Removal Pull-Out Basket is a prime example of how convenience is always a priority for all Excel products. Made of high quality stainless steel and finished with beautiful chrome, this cleaning agent pull-out system turns your under-sink space into a neatly organized kitchen station. Both sides of this basket can be individually raised and are quite handy to carry. Equipped with a standard full-pull damping track and smooth pull-out system, this products is one of the best in Excel’s collection.


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The Excel Tall Unit with 5 Baskets is the ultimate smart pantry. It is minimal in design and exceptionally easy to use. All you have to do is pull out the unit and the soft glide hinges will do the rest for you. It is also very easy to maintain and Excel guarantees long lasting mechanisms that will keep your kitchen efficient and stylish for a long period of time.


Now that you’ve looked at the best range of Excel Hardware products, it’s time to go buy one for your own kitchen!

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