Excel HW’s Versatile Home & Lifestyle Collection Which You Mustn’t Miss

Excel Hardware has always strived to make users lives easier with their awesome kitchen, wardrobe and lighting products. The company offers a versatile range of hardware that you didn’t even knew you needed – sick of that unusable nook in your kitchen cabinets? They’ve got a solution for that. Want more storage space in your wardrobe? They’ve got something for that as well. Looking for cost-effective lighting? They’ve got you covered. So today, we’ll be featuring some of Excel’s best products for you to pursue.


1. KLS-P18 Excel Extendable Iron Board

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

This space-saving wardrobe essential has been designed specifically to counter your real-estate shortage. Who has space for a whole ironing nook these days, right? So, with this pragmatic little addition to your wardrobe, you can pull-out this iron board anytime without the hassle of pulling a whole other mechanism separately. It can be easily installed into any wardrobe, and you can just pullout the drawer when you need it, fold it down and put it away when you’re done.


2. KLS-P19 Excel Shoe Rack


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Storing shoes can be a big hassle – especially if you live in a small home – but with Excel compact shoe rack, you won’t have to face this problem again. Specifically designed for the space-conscious person, Excel pullout shoe rack can be easily installed in any wardrobe. It’s a smart and affordable solution for those who want to avoid featuring any unnecessary racks inside their homes!



3. KLS-P20 Excel V-Shaped Pants Rack

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Need a smart storage solution to keep all your pants in order? You don’t have to look any further than Excel V-Shaped Pants Rack. This hardware can be easily mounted on the top-side of any wardrobe interior. The hanger glides out on a full-extension, so you can easily access all of your pants without having to lean inside. You can hang up to 10 trousers. You can also assemble this hardware to accommodate both right-hand and left-hand installation.



4. Excel-Costanzo-Top Stay Lift-Up System With Black+Dark Grey Cover

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

If you’ve invested in those gorgeous lift-up cabinets for your renovation, then you’d notice a slight set-back in the hardware – you may have to keep the lip up with your hand while sifting through it. Now Excel’s got the perfect solution with you. The Excel Costanzo Top-Stay Lift-Up system allows you to keep these cabinets open without having to support with your hands.

This hardware comes with a cover and lift-up system. The cabinet opens at a 107o angle, is soft-closing and easy to open. You can even adjust the soft-closing speed. It’s comfortable, gentle and quiet, and versatile enough to complement any place be it the kitchen or living room.



5. Excel FGV AeroBus Lift-Up system

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Excel’s AeroBus is one of those ever-essential products that you didn’t know you needed to make your life easier. It’s a compact, non-invasive system which can be used to get easier access to small furniture like cabinets etc. It can be easily mounted and you can rapidly fix it on the door with a simple click – without any hinges at all! It’s also soft closing and comes with a damper. So, if you’re having trouble reaching into any small shelf or cabinet in your home, this is the perfect hardware for you.

Home improvement has never been as easy as with the timeless and ever-upgrading Excel collection. Now that you know what they have to offer, you can check out the rest at their showroom!

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