EXCEL Korean Concept Pole System For Elegant Living Everyday

The style of room is crucial as this reflects our personality; meanwhile, wardrobe plays a large part of it.

Elegant living every day is a lifestyle and, the Excel Korean Concept Pole System is the simplest way for us to have an elegant living. We can’t wait to show you this wonderful modular wardrobe which is truly multi-functional and extremely ergonomic.

If you are looking to custom build your own wardrobe space exactly according to the size and dimension of your own home – no more spending a fortune of a customized retrofitting – you have to get to know Excel Korean Concept Pole System!

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Let’s take a look at this pole system’s exciting possibilities and innovative qualities,

1. Flexibility

The modularity of the Korean Concept Pole System come in two variations-wall-mounted and ceiling mounted. Not only can you arrange it to hold your own personalized item list, but it is also flexible enough to fit into any room such as living space-master room or study room, etc. For example, you can build a traditional wardrobe for your bedroom or a showy wall-cabinet storage in a lobby or living room. You definitely can choose what is best for your home!



2. Equipped with soft-closing technology

You can use the trousers rack and hanging rods with adaptors to systematically organize your wardrobe – especially you own a set of apparel. One of the best things is the drawers that come with a handle and locker, are equipped with soft-closing technology so they will close gently regardless of the force exerted. Besides, there are eleven stunning texture schemes for it such as glossy white or black, dark grey sapphire, beech, etc.!


3. Home Entertainment console

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Can you believe that Excel Korean Concept Pole System can be your entertainment console? All you need to do is to arrange the shelves and soft-closing drawers to form a sleek console. Hence, you can place your TV, player and sound system on it. You also can store your discs in the soft-closing drawers.


4. Transformed into a study space

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If you’re one of those people who’s never satisfied with their study desk arrangements, then the Korean Concept Pole System by Excel is going to be your best friend. The racks and drawers in this new-age shelving system can be organized to hold books, encyclopedias and other study-nook paraphernalia. You can set up a chair or desk along with the system to get a holistic look as well.



5. Wire basket

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Although the Korean Concept Pole System usually comes with the stylish and innovative drawers, you can always get yourself a specialized drawer. For instance, you can try out the soft-closing pull-out wire basket if you prefer a drawer that can let you see through it without opening it. These soft-closing wire baskets are made of strips of chrome plated metal. It also enables air to circulate freely that will keep your clothes fresh.



6. Aluminum glass sliding door

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Excel Korean Concept Pole System is undoubtedly pretty unique and stunning, you can also cover it up with an aluminum glass sliding door. Excel offers a large collection of these door; hence, you can save your time to get one. You can match one to your aesthetic and proceed accordingly.


7. Customized pole systems

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As mentioned earlier, you always can create and build your ideal wardrobe, it is time for you to decide which pole systems that can be perfectly customized to meet your needs.


  • 5 ft pole system

This system is five feet wide, it has two spacious partitions of 600mm and 770 mm. You have the options of choosing the number of hanging rods which is in the dimension range of 400mm-900mm. It’s available in a variety of colors, and the shelves can be arranged according to personal taste and usage.


  • 6ft pole system

This one is 1760mm wide, and it offers two spacious partitions of 770-900 mm along with soft closing drawers.


  • 7ft pole system

This is 2070mm wide, and it offers three spacious partitions of 600mm, 600mm and 750mm. or you can easily create with the two spacious partitions of 770mm and 900mm. Soft closing drawers are provided as well.


  • 8ft pole system

This one is 2370mm wide. You can retrofit it according to your personal needs and ergonomics. It also comes with soft closing drawers and adjustable shelving.


  • 9 ft pole system

This unit is 2680 mm wide. You are allowed to completely customize the pole system according to your space and needs. As usual, it comes with soft-closing drawers, and you may want to choose one or two hanging rods in variable dimensions range tailored to meet your needs.


  • 10 ft pole system

This one is 2980 mm wide. You can definitely adjust the hanging rods in a variable dimension range that is perfectly customized to your needs. It also comes with soft closing drawers.


8. Exclusive Shapes

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Besides, it is available in customizable shapes which can be adjusted accordingly. Each one is relevant to widely-ranged formations in typical home interior designs.


  • The L Shape

This particular formation is excellent for covering two perpendicular walls in a trendy storage system. It comes in a number of different hues; meanwhile, it features innovative design techniques.


  • The U Shape

This formation allows you to cover three walls of your room. It features quadrant shaped shelves and a plethora of hues to choose from. It’s a very holistic system that can definitely increase the storage optimization in your homes.



9. Accessories

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware


It is truly convenient if you want to add on some wardrobe accessories to your wardrobe system as Excel also provides a number of accessories:

  • L-shaped Melamine Wood Shelves (Material: Aluminum, several colour options.)
  • Melamine Wood Shelves (Material: Melamine/MDF, several colour options.)
  • Soft Closing Pull Out Wire Basket
  • Pigeon Drawers
  • LED Glass Shelf
  • Shoe Racks
  • Garnishy Box
  • Trousers Rack or V-Shaped Pants Rack
  • Clothes Basket
  • Hanging system


If you’re looking for a flexible and user-friendly wardrobe system, this Excel Korean Concept Pole System is highly recommended! With free installation and minimal fuss, you can easily create your very own storage space. It is time for you to build an ideal wardrobe now! Let’s visit Excel for more details!

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