Fantastic Floor Seating Arrangements That Redefine Comfort

Fantastic Floor Seating Arrangements That Redefine Comfort

In some parts of the world sitting on the floor is the preferred etiquette during meals and social gatherings.  We discover this in the cultural tea ceremonies of Japan, the so-called “American-Indian style” where people sit cross-legged, in the Turkish fashion of using a pillow, and throughout many parts of Asia during communal feasts.

While these types of arrangements are mostly historical, cultural or rural, they can also be used in a more contemporary urban setting.

So why sit on the floor when you can do it on a chair?  Several reasons: it's more casual and informal, which encourages greater socialization between friends, family and couples; it frees up space that may be taken up by bulky furniture; it has the look and feel of youth and vitality, but above all, it offers up incredible decor possibilities.

Colourful pillows, low-lying tables, raised platforms and more—floor-based seating arrangements can completely transform the appearance of your home.  Let's look at some examples which prove our point.

1) Contempo-Cool

Seating Arrangement (2)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: D' Initial Concept)

Our first example demonstrates the instant appeal of floor seats: clean lines, open spaces and an absence of clutter that's more fashionable than austere.  Add some colourful pillows and a low-lying table, and what we have is a truly cool and contemporary look.  Plus, there's a certain intimacy to sitting so close together, making it ideal for young couples.

2) Conceptual Designs. Real Beauty.

Seating Arrangement (3)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Oakthree Studios)

While this next case is a 3D drawing, it still manages to win our admiration because of its real-life potential.  There are so many design elements we'd love to see come alive, such as the pendent lights, the rugged white-brick walls, and of course that giant bean bag in the room's center.

Instead of the smooth and colourful appearance of the previous example, this one aims for a dark and textured quality.  The threads and weaving are clearly visible, making it seem more like a burlap sack stuffed with rice and less like a bean bag, which is perfect for such an eclectic interior.

3) Unconventional Materials

Seating Arrangement (4)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Versaform)

When we look at this busy interior there's no single item which leaps out.  Upon closer examination, however, we notice something that looks suspiciously like a brown garbage bag....

Now why would anyone leave their garbage in the middle of the room?  They wouldn't.

That is in fact a leather bean bag chair.  But the unusual, almost crumpled-up appearance of its leather folds makes it look very much like a containment sack for garbage, and while the look might not appeal to everyone, there's a certain eccentric charm to the seat.

Casual, fun and relaxed, the bean bag even matches the brown palette and artsy tone of the surrounding decor.  It's also worth noting that unlike the previous examples this floor arrangement isn't meant for socializing but recreation.  We can deduce that by the comfy leather material it uses and also the fact that it's located in a corner, facing away from the couch but towards the TV.

4) Young At Heart

Seating Arrangement (6) Seating Arrangement (5)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: KDOT Associates)

Sitting on the floor may be hard on the elderly but if you're still in your prime then why not invest in some cushions and pillows?

As this example proves, the use of floor cushions and bean bag chairs is comfortable, cool and romantic.  Plus they make a great addition to industrial apartments, giving them a youthful energy that helps balance out the rougher, more austere elements of the factory-warehouse style.

This home also takes the idea of floor seating to another level (literally) by placing the cushions and pillows on a raised platform.  Why?  Because it looks cool.  And since the padded floor furniture is located in a corner nook it just adds to the romantic vibe.

5) Classic Yet Modern

Seating Arrangement (7)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab)

Here we have a conflict of classic and contemporary: of traditional hardwood floors placed on top of modern tiles, a pendent light-fixture resembling Chinese paper lanterns set against the glowing neon-yellows of the floor and ceiling, the monochromes of the wall contrasted against the bright colours of the ceiling, and of course those round floor cushions placed before a modern computer.

It's rare to see such a mix of contradictory elements, and while the floor cushions are not the main attraction, they do add to the overall look.  Besides, their pancake-like appearance is quite charming.

6) Industrial Chic

Seating Arrangement (1)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent)

Our final example by Free Space Intent sums up the radical nature of floor seating.  While there's a perfectly good couch, chair and bench available, this home opts for a slab of metal on a gray carpet.

Being without legs and way out of reach of the neighbouring furniture, the table serves no practical purpose unless you sit on the floor.  Then you can use it to place drinks or food, and the softness of the carpet also provides natural cushioning against the cold floor.

This is as plain and austere as floor seating gets, and while not comfortable, it certainly is visually remarkable.

Looking over these examples it's easy to see why sitting on the floor has its allure.  Some find it fun and relaxing, a perfect way to socialize with loved ones.  Others may prefer the open space or intimate atmosphere it creates.  And then there's the design possibilities: colours, cushions, bean bags and carpets, floor seating offers ample opportunity to let out your creative side.



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