Feast like a King at these 7 Royal Dining Settings

Feast like a King at these 7 Royal Dining Settings

A collective trait across the best dining settings is that they lure the visitors in the space. Still, common assumption, and one that is mistaken, is that placing too many pieces would lift the appearance of a dining space. But these apartments make clever choices and uplift their dining table with minimal but right elements.

1: Different Zones

dining (2)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Chapter One Interior Design Pte Ltd)

Conventions matter little to this fabulous place which basks in its industrial theme to present a dining space that oozes with a comfortable and friendly vibe. Each detail has been created with intricate care to place the right elements at this place. A great example is the use of overhead track lighting that fills the place with the light to give it an apt setting.

2: Distinct Modern Spaces

dining (3)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab – TIL Pte Ltd)

A romantic appeal has been preferred for this dining space which pays ample homage to its industrial roots and radiates the space with a hint of rich natural brown amid the white background of the complete space. Its minimalist features are a highlight and distinguish the place from any regular setting. Here too, the lighting is a repeated motif, which glows in its soft charm to create an intimate space.

3: Distinctly Youthful Appeal

dining (4)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio)

A fabulous mix of a variety of colours has lend this dining space a pleasant and serene touch. This is one place where you will return again and again to feel the comfort of the home and have a meal with those ones who are closest to you. The table uses a white tone which puts it a high priority in a place that generally wears the earthy brown tone.

4: Eclectic Home With Touch of Industrial Charm

dining (5)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design)

Practical choices and sheer minimalism define the functionality and tone of this opulent space that is at once plain and luxurious. Again what separates the dining space from the continuous white stretch of the overall space is clever colour choices for the dining elements. Chairs in dense and bright colours set themselves apart while the earthy setting of the table draws you in for a meal in this modern world apartment.

5: Formality of an Industrial Appeal


(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio)

Blessed with the appeal that matches the old natural country cottage, this place also pays equal homage to its Victorian and Industrial roots. This extends to the dining space too that sets itself in a different league by choosing a simplistic appearance using all-wooden elements that are accentuated equally by natural light entering through those large windows and overhead white light-scheme on the ceilings.

6: Nostalgic Appeal

dining (7)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: The Interior Place)

Victorian style has always been known for its grandeur and this apartment from Interior Place is no different. Obviously, the dining space too derives its fare share of benefits from this, resulting into an magnificent place to have a meal with friends and family. White chairs circling around a white-oval table that takes the center-stage create the ideal place to be.

7: Opulent and Luxurious

dining (8) dining (9) dining (1)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: VOILA)

Opulence personified is this classic Victorian Space as it is also obvious by the apt title. Bathed in white and neighbouring shades, it makes judicious use of its luxurious draperies to let the light shimmer throughout the interior. The dining space here blends in perfectly with the overall serene tone of the place making a perfect hangout place to eat and talk.


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