Chic, refreshing touch

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Here is an apartment design project by Ganna Studio in Taiwan. The design intent here is a minimalist modern approach, while providing a chic, refreshing touch as well.
The layout of the spaces within the apartment is very much open, with few doors in between the spaces. Even the master bedroom is hidden away only by a dividing wall without any doors. Combined with the living room, kitchen, and dining spaces, this creates the sense of a home without borders.
As for the modern design, it is clearly based on the contemporary white vs. black palette, with shades of grey in between. However, A sprightly array of colors are also used as highlights in various places around the home, from lampshades to cupboards, etc. These additions create vibrance and interest without detracting from the overall design. Many of the furniture and decorative pieces are left simply standing on the open floor space, as a nod to the minimal foundation of the design. The selection and variety of these pieces, combined with the colors, avoid from making the home seem spartan, however. Instead, we are left with these highly modern accents, layered over the open and bare spaces.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Ganna Studio

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