Clean and modern home

  • Casa-Âncora-016-1150×1135 (1)
  • Casa-Âncora-015-1150×1148
  • Casa-Âncora-014-1150×1192
  • Casa-Âncora-013-1150×1258
  • Casa-Âncora-012-1150×1337
  • Casa-Âncora-011-1150×1364
  • Casa-Âncora-010-1150×1533
  • Casa-Âncora-009-1150×837
  • Casa-Âncora-008-1150×1205

Casa Âncora is a clean and modern home designed by Portuguese studio Marlene Uldschmidt Architects.
The beautiful private house renovation with wonderful furniture is located in Algarve, Portugal.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: homedesignsa

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