Colorful aesthetic

  • efficient-studio-apartment-layout-600×450
  • geometric-studio-apartment-decor-600×450
  • burgundy-and-gray-interior-design-600×450
  • burgundy-yellow-and-blue-interior-600×450
  • built-in-studio-apartment-divider-600×332
  • modern-wood-wall-cladding-600×338
  • interesting-classic-modern-decor-600×338
  • scandinavian-inspired-modern-studio-apartment-600×338

This gorgeous studio offers a more colorful aesthetic than the previous homes. Its interior decor is more or less uniform throughout the apartment – without dividers or interior walls to break up the spaces, pulling off a cohesive theme turned out to be a practical and beautiful choice.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: home-designing


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