Huge personality and An eclectic vibe

  • studio-apartment-with-lots-of-texture-600×400
  • wood-and-concrete-apartment-inspiration-600×400
  • clever-sliding-doors-for-studio-apartment-600×400
  • red-exposed-brick-in-tiny-apartment-600×400
  • tiny-bedroom-storage-inspiration-600×400
  • cool-bookshelf-and-wardrobe-combination-600×400
  • kitchen-with-jars-for-dry-goods-600×400
  • natural-modern-bathroom-materials-600×400
  • small-bathroom-with-colorful-rug-600×400
  • small-bathroom-design-ideas-600×400

This home makes fantastic use of highly textured surfaces to breathe life into a relatively small 56-square-meter studio floor plan. Wood, exposed brick, concrete, and textiles come together to create a modern apartment with huge personality and an eclectic vibe.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: home-designing


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