Incredibly spacious

  • modern-black-desk-600×400
  • concrete-pillar-600×400
  • white-shelving-600×400
  • concrete-wall-design-600×900
  • stacked-panel-desk-600×400
  • wood-flooring-600×900
  • cool-clock-600×900
  • creative-lighting-600×900
  • cool-red-armchair-600×400
  • amazing-bathtub-600×400
  • bedroom-sculpture-600×400
  • striped-bedsheets-600×400
  • soft-lighting-600×900

In this next space, the studio feels incredibly spacious and interesting due to the sliding doors and concrete columns that separate the different living spaces. The open floor plan coupled with the concrete accents gives the apartment a stunning modern feel, perfect for a young urban woman.

Source: Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: home-designing

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