Minimalist contemporary home

  • Taichung-H-Residence-011
  • Taichung-H-Residence-016
  • Taichung-H-Residence-012
  • Taichung-H-Residence-017
  • Taichung-H-Residence-018
  • Taichung-H-Residence-013
  • Taichung-H-Residence-014
  • Taichung-H-Residence-019
  • Taichung-H-Residence-020
  • Taichung-H-Residence-015

H Residence is a clean minimalist contemporary home completed by Taiwanese Interior Design Z-AXIS DESIGN in 2015.

The stylish black and white interior is located in Taichung, Taiwan, and has a elegant yellow color schemes.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: homedesignsa

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