Scandinavian Interior Design

The Definitive Guide To Scandinavian Interior Design

Understated, sophisticated and eternally chic, a Scandinavian décor is the perfect choice for properties of every size across Singapore. Whether you’re renovating a modest HDB flat or are lucky enough to be redesigning a bungalow, this style is ideal. When executed well, it adds texture and depth to a space without cluttering it or making it feel cold, giving it a subtlety and a cosiness that many homes simply lack. Renopedia is your guide to Scandinavian décor. Our writers bring together the best design examples from across Singapore, giving you all the inspiration you need to create your own take on this timeless style. Take a look at our galleries and find something to love.

Supporting you every step of the way

Whatever angle you want to take on Scandinavian style, we have the advice you need to make an informed, considered decision. From fusing Scandinavian and industrial stylings to brining natural textures and colours into the space, we have a lookbook that captures the essence of the style. Want to add a bit of colour and a bit of funk? We can help. Looking to update the palette for the modern home? We’ve got ideas. Take a look today and discover for yourself.

Putting the solution within reach

From first idea to collecting the keys, Renopedia is with you. After you’ve settled on a style for your renovation, get in touch with us and let us connect you with an interior designer who has the experience and the vision to make it a reality. Leverage our years of industry experience and ensure you work with a professional who understands your project. Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to call us on +65 6536 4676, or send us your enquiries via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.