Feel Free To Steal – 5 Simple Ways To Blend Organic With Contemporary

Organic and contemporary are two world-apart concepts. As we know, organic consists of wooden accents and free-flowing forms; meanwhile, contemporary is all about the glitz and the sleek. So, merging these two concepts can be contradictory and challenging.

If you are going to blend this two aesthetics in a single interior, here are some great ways provided!


1) Gold and white


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations


The best way to start with merging two juxtaposing schemes is by creating a relatable color palate. When you find one that is harmonious, then it is time to find how to apply it in context.


As you can see a color scheme that is a fine mixture of golds and whites with a contrast of black; the browns in this context represent the organic part of the scheme. Meanwhile, the white is all contemporary. The harmonious amalgamation of both gives the interior extra oomph!



2) With Patterns


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations


The best way to distinguish these two themes in a single interior setting is by differentiating with patterns. There is a distinct division in aesthetic where both of this design styles are concerned. As shown in the image, the uniquely organic patterns set this scheme apart from the simple nature of the contemporary aesthetic.



3) Mixing and matching


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations


It is important to create a balance between the mix and match of this two aesthetics. You have to find a fine balance while designing the two styles seamlessly. It is a big cross when there is too much contemporary layered over one single portion of the room or vice versa. Or else, the interior will be too disproportionate and visually unappealing.


4) Counterparts in Furniture


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations


When it comes to the furniture design, it could be pretty challenging to retrofit this combined aesthetic in a single and small formation. But nothing is impossible!

As shown in the image, this is a brilliant combination of these two styles. The browns highlight the organic part while the glossy white laminates are the epitome of contemporary. The furniture is a mild mix of both, and the overall look is perfectly appealing.



5) Simplest applications


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations


Sometimes, the simplest ways are the most exceptional. The easiest way of working with both of the contemporary and organic style within the same interior is by alternating the material applications. For instance, the kitchen has been designed with juxtaposing wooden and high-gloss white laminates. The designers have managed to reinforce that aesthetic better than anything else in this simple way.

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