Feminine with a Flair

Feminine with a Flair

We live in an era where Feminism is slowly but surely becoming the safer, and the wisest choice, and yet still, it is the women who are looked down upon. Yet still, women are going out in the world, and taking it by storm – it is a wonderful time to be alive. When it comes to designing interiors, there are quite a number of ways you can go about designing spaces for women, but know that it would be a much more challenging task then designing for a man. Women have a keen, inherent perception of design that allows them to interpret the tonal quality of any designed space with an enhanced scrutiny, and so, while designing for women, you need to take care of the sloppiness and spatter that comes with a design that is all over the place. A feminine interior scape is bold, powerful, and yet contained at the same time. A feminine interpretation of a regular interior scape consists of all the small details that could otherwise go ignored, so today, we would be looking at a few interiors that are empowering as well as delicate at the same time.

Tea Pink and Victorian

This bedroom is the epitome of feminine, but not because of the most obvious reason – the color scheme. There is a subtle sort of delicacy to the entire setting – including the narrowness of the room, and how the twin bed accentuates the space constraints in the best possible ways. The chandelier adds a cherry on top flair and plays in delicate contrast with the flowing fabric of the bed behind.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt n Relax Interior

Bold yet Minimal

This powerhouse interior would be the ideal home for any career driven woman. Sometimes, ambition can lead to a hectic life schedule, and this studio style minimalist apartment shows just how decluttered and visually appealing your home can be amidst of such a busy life.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Posh Home

Yellows and Reds

One of the most distinctive characteristics for designing the perfect feminine interior would be to choose the correct color scheme. While earthy tones are usually male dominated, a feminine outlook prefers a dichotomy of bright colors instead – the red and yellow in the interior below are perfect examples.


The artistic expression in the product design of this interior is creative as well as exemplary. The yellow acrylic chair is the highlight of this interior and sells the feminine side of the ambiance in a more creative and inspired fashion.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio

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