Feng Shui of the week: Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year is over for more than a month but when we visit our clients for On-Site Feng Shui Audit, many of our Chinese clients still have Chinese New Year Décor hung on their walls and doors. Some even kept last year mascot (Goat).

Just before Chinese New Year Cromly’s Managing Editor, Ms Samantha Echavez visited us to share two tips that homeowners should consider as they welcome the Chinese New Year?

A very important issue to all homeowners take note of:

Do not purchase any CNY decors with animals or Chinese zodiac. Every animal represents one of the five elements. Hence to avoid complications, we suggest you buy decor without animals.

There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac and I Ching has classified all 12 into 5 elements. For example, Monkey belongs to Metal Element, Tiger belongs to Wood Element, Pig belongs to Water, Snake belongs to Fire and Goat belongs to Earth.

So what is the complication?

Shall we use Monkey as an example? 2016 is the Year of the Monkey and we are quite sure many of our friends still have their Monkey decors on their walls and doors. Many of us do not have the knowledge of Feng Shui. We place the Monkey Decors as we wish. We may accidentally place the Monkey in the North East area of the house.

Base on I Ching, Monkey and Tiger don’t go well with each other, North East Area belongs to two animals, Tiger and Ox. Hence, should one placed the Monkey decors in the North East area of the house, it may cause some complication.

2 examples of complications are: unstable job platform and lose of job.

So dear friends, please do not buy any animal as a décor for your house unless you are familiar with I Ching’s relationship of Zodiac. If you must decorate your house during Chinese New Year, have all decoration removed after the fifteenth day.

“...What do you do with all your money?"
"Me and the French hoard gold.” 

-Dashiell Hammett, The Thin Man-

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