Feng Shui of the week: Dead Sleep?

“Master, my mother say our legs cannot face the door when we sleep., “said Jennifer
“Why would your mother say such a thing? What is the reason behind this?” I asked.

“She said something like when our legs are facing the door when we sleep it symbolised that we are like sleeping in the coffin about to be moved out of the house.”

“WOW sounds scary,” I said.

This is another myth that many people misinterpreting Feng Shui. In the past, I must agree that our relative’s coffin is placed in the living hall with their legs facing the main door for easy ‘exporting’.  Now that most of us live in a flat and we don’t keep our relative’s coffin in our house anymore. Hence let not continue to live in the feudal era of China.

Feng Shui Master must keep up with time and must provide remedies and advice that are people oriented.

Sleep is the best meditation. 
Dalai Lama

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