Feng Shui of the week: Full Height Shoe Cabinet

Full Height Shoe Cabinet

Master, can I install a shoe cabinet in my living room and can it be higher than my head?

In the olden days majority of the population has no luxury of owning more than a pair of shoe. Hence regardless of the number of  family members living together under the same roof, the concept of shoe cabinet is not required and is non-existence. Why? This is because back then in China everyone wears their shoe into the house.

But in Singapore, a lot of us owe more than a pair of shoes and we do not have the habit of wearing our shoe into the house hence a shoe cabinet is required.

Many people have this belief that shoes should not be stored higher than one's head because it is back luck, it implies someone will step on our head etc This thinking makes no sense and is superstitious.

We have seen celebrities' wardrobe on television or from the magazine and celebrities have so many pairs of shoes that a whole room or rooms are dedicated to storing them. Their shoe cabinets are full height.

Myth busted, go ahead and build a full height shoe cabinet.

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
- Charles Spurgeon-

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