Feng Shui of The Week: Fear

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“Master, you always tell us to be vigilant when Feng Shui Consultant tells us negative things to lure us into buying expensive auspicious items as a remedy.” said Judy.

“But Master, please also teach us how to counter this kind of situation and how can we protect ourselves from these swindlers?’’ asked Judy.


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There are several ways in which fear is used as an element to make things work.

One of the most effective sales tactics is to sell through fear. One of the most barbaric leadership skills is to lead through fear. One of the easiest ways to motivate people is through fear.

Fear is such a powerful tool that these swindlers use in order to manipulate you to believe them. Hence, here are some pointers on how to protect yourself and not fall for these tricks so easily.

What should you do when you come across a con-man (江湖骗子) that claims to be a Feng Shui Consultant and wants to sell you Feng Shui packages or expensive Feng Shui Auspicious Item etc?

You shall be the judge to see the logic in the answers they provide when you ask them these three questions.

When the answers they give sounds too far-fetched or unconvincing and claims that the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed (天机不可泄露), you must not believe.

There might even be times when they brush you off by saying ‘’don’t ask so much, it’s not good for you’’, you know that they are just trying their luck.

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So, you may be wondering, what are the three questions you must ask? WHO, WHEN & WHICH?

1. To whom is this ill Feng Shui affecting? (WHO)

You want to find out which family member will be affected?

2. When will this ill Feng Shui happen and when did it last happened? (WHEN)

You want to know when it last happened as you try to recall and ask when it will happen again? A life cycle is 12 years a cycle and hence history repeats itself.


3. Which part of my body/organ will be affected? (WHICH)


Eight cardinals represent different body parts and organs. Thus, you can ask and tally his answer with the cardinal and see if they match.

Here’s an example: The year 2011 is in East Cardinal and not Southeast. East Cardinal represent 1st son and the organs, and body parts is liver and legs.

Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.

-Marian Anderson-

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