Fight Singapore’s Heat Wave With Efenz Kith Collection

With Singapore being dubbed as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, electricity bills have always been on the higher side of the spectrum. While many Singaporeans can afford one air-conditioner per home, installing one in every room can turn out to be an expensive nightmare. So, what’s the solution?


Here’s one: Efenz ceiling fans.

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan


With Efenz products, you can enjoy lower electricity consumption, be eco-friendly, and evoke the coolness of air-conditioning in your homes at the same time. The company is completely homegrown and Singapore based. Their motto is, “Made for Singapore by Singapore,” so you can definitely trust in the excellent quality and unique designs of their products.


Efenz ceiling fans are easily accessible to all Singaporeans, but the crown jewel of all their products is the new Capsule Kith collection. It’s got all the best qualities of a typical fan with a little something extra to offer. Let’s take a look at all the reasons you need to install your homes with one:


1. Amazing Quality Control

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

One of the best parts about purchasing from homegrown companies is that they always deliver on the quality front. Efenz ensures the best for their customers by overseeing the whole design production process with the best systemization. The Capsule Kith collection is the same – it has a high standard physique, is eco-friendly, and boasts the best performance!

2. Controlled Energy Consumption

Efenz Capsule Kith collection features D.C., which are definitely the ‘greener’ choice. The fans in kith collection are specifically designed to accommodate even the smallest of home and trending ceiling heights for all the new houses in Singapore – especially the smaller homes. Despite having a slimmer physique, the fans in the kith collection are still able to generate great airflow. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly and result in a lowered carbon footprint by reducing the energy consumption. You’ll definitely appreciate the savings when the next electricity bill shows up.


3. Beautiful Aesthetics

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

Efenz has crafted the Capsule Kith collection to encompass all contemporary home needs, and that includes beautiful aesthetics. It features a slim design that is sleek and comes with curved blades along with a LED that facilitates its modern looks. The ceiling fan can be installed with lights to enhance its visual effects!


4. Smart Design

The intelligent control system is another cherry on top of the excellent designing carried out by Efenz in their Kith collection. Each ceiling fan comes with a sleek matt black remote control that allows you to toggle the light settings of the LED panel. This allows you to set the mood of your space according to your wishes. It also helps control the speed of breeze. The forward and reverse function accommodates the all-year-round usage which creates the perfect draft to complement each season.


As you can see, Efenz Kith collection is an absolute must-have if you want to fight the good-fight against the tropical heat of Singapore all year round with maximum savings, excellent utility, and the best visuals!

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