Five Ways That Geometric Accents Add Energy To Your Space

If you’re a fan of the latest trends and want to add pizazz to your home interior, geometric patterns can do the trick for you. The geometry creates bright, modern and royal interiors. Geometric shapes and decorative patterns harmonise rooms in your abode and add an interesting touch to the home interior.

Also, geometric accents pretty much fit into any feature or corner of your home. You can add them as much as your heart desires.

Check out the following ways that are proven to add energy and charm to your space with geometric accents:


1. Geometric Mirrors On The Wall

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Carve character into otherwise ordinary walls with geometric mirrors. The best modern mirror styles don’t come in any particular shape. You can use them in any way you like. Choose rounded corners that are framed in wood or metal or go for unusual angles. Feel free to stagger them in different shapes and sizes on your walls. It will look charming in every form.

Unusual geometric mirrors look especially beautiful against plain walls. These mirrors look especially lovely with simple wooden frames or even with no frame at all! They are perfect when positioned adjacent to your dining table or on the side wall in your bedroom.


2. An Unconventional Living Room

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Apex Design

Are you looking for an extraordinary living experience? High and light-coloured ceilings that feature geometric shapes evoke a sense of personalisation, spaciousness and prestige. Contemporary living rooms boast a geometric ceiling accented with lights and mirrors. They make your space feel brighter and more airy.

In additional to the ceiling, you can perk up the TV wall of your living room, reflecting your couch abundantly. Choose the colour of the geometric element to match with the base colour of the living room. Try different shapes, sizes and angles. Open your mind to the endless possibilities that are out there to create a unique and cozy look for your living space.


3. Create A Focal Point With Geometric Shelves

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Your home starts taking shape the moment you hang shelves on the walls. Set yourself apart from the crowd with geometric shelves to set the tone of the entire room. There are literally thousands of designs available on the market, so fret not.

Geometric shelves are used in threes, fours or fives to create eye-catchy designs and forms. Choose from different geometric shapes such as a box, hexagons, and even circles. Use one shape, or arrange different shapes together to create an eye-catching display.


4. Make Your Bathroom Look Both Bigger And Luxurious

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Apex Design

The unconventional geometric design is a wonderful way to create a focal point in your small and minimalist bathroom. Find awesome geo tiles in the colour you love and cover your bathroom with them – wall, or floor, or both.

Another way is to highlight one wall with dark tiles and the rest of the wall with brightly-coloured ones. Finish the design using geometric art pieces, lamps, geo towels, and bathroom accessories.


5. Weave Character In Your Cupboards

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Apex Design

A cupboard with geometric impressions makes your home look more stylish. The wooden geometric patterns on cupboard make it a decorative piece while serving its storage purposes.

You can have triangle-shaped handles, collage of square and rectangles on doors and just lines of different size over it. Whether you have a wooden or metal wardrobe, these geometric shapes enhance the look either way.


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