Floor Design Trends To Get You Inspired

Floor designs are a subtle way of adding stylishness to your interior designs. There are many kind of floor designs available in the market now. Some of them are modern, while others have been here for a long while. Terrazzo floors used to be a big hit a decade ago, but porcelain floor tiles are the reigning champions these days. Each floor covering has a different impact on the interior design. This is why every material should be matched with the interior style before application. Let's look at some great floor designs in different styles and aesthetics.


1. Hardwood floors

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Hardwood floors are extremely expensive. But they are also durable and long lasting. They can be used in both modern and rustic style interior designs. They have a very warm vibe and can make the space seem homely. Hardwood floors are available in many styles of wood but maple and oak are considered some of the best. They are available in a large number of hues and designs.


2. Porcelain tiles

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 These kind of tiles are especially preferred in modern interiors. They are available in matt and gloss finishes. They are also available in different sizes. Porcelain tiles do not wear and tear easily, which is why they are recommended for residential interior designs. They can make the space seem very high-end and glitzy.


3. Area rugs

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 Area rugs are a good way of separating a small part of the interior from the overall space. They are usually used to highlight areas like the couch setting in the living room. Area rugs can be small carpets or even shag rugs depending on the style of the interior design. They’re also a great way of adding a little bit of texture in the overall interior design.


4. Decking

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This kind of flooring is used for outdoor or semi-outdoor areas. These include outdoor decks and even terraces. It consists of long slats of wood arranged horizontally on the requisite space. Decking is a great way of bringing a unique style into the interior design.

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