Floor renovation which most of the homeowners don’t know!! Are you one of them?

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Yay, I am about to collect my keys and I always dream of having an open floor! Hmm, should I have wooden floor or marble floor?


Well, be patient. Let’s ask yourself, am I aware of the HDB floor renovation guidelines? Should I apply for a permit? No? No worries, we hear you!


This article is all about the crucial HDB guidelines on laying and replacement of floor finishes. If you are going to have these types of building work, do apply for a permit from HDB. Let’s check them out!


1) Replacement of floor finishes i.e. ceramic, homogeneous, terrazzo, marble, parquet/timber or other tiles


2) Replacement of existing bathroom/toilet floor finishes after the first 3 years from the date of completion of the block


3) Topping up the flooring using light weight screed/block at balcony, kitchen, bathroom or toilet


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Wondering the guidelines of each conditions? Let’s prepare a pen and note!

  • Total thickness of the floor finishes and screed must not exceed 50mm


  • Use the pre-packed waterproofing screed and waterproofing membrane in bathroom/toilets before laying new floor finishes.


  • Use pre-packed waterproofing screed for kitchen and open balcony before laying new floor finishes.


  • Membrane should be upturned (minimum 150mm) against the walls, kerbs and pipes.


  • Pre-packed screed must also be used for any dry areas


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations


It is really crucial to know the guidelines of the different kinds of building work; thus, we have an idea whether we need to apply for a permit from HDB. It helps to ensure the process of renovation is on schedule as we always prefer an efficient project work, and of course, we hope to move to our new lovely dream house as soon as possible!


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