Fly in the air with Luxurious 5 winged Kaze Fans

Fly in the air with Luxurious 5 winged Kaze Fans

Kaze Modern Ceiling Fans are awesome, financially savvy approach to make your space cooler in summer country like Singapore. These fans make a cool wind by turning in a forward direction (counter clockwise) pushing air down and around the room where expansion does evapotranspiration on the skin, making you feel cooler.

With the aesthetical designs of Kaze 3-Tone LED Module, these fans are complemented to achieve the minimalist effect in a home for a cozy feel. This is especially so when optimal illumination is ensured with high energy-saving LED module available in 3 tonalities of colours namely, Day, Warm & Cool.

The selection of this ultra-modern 5 bladed Kaze Fans is definitely a home-owner’s choice for its sustainability and high efficient technology.

Kaze fan, 5 blade (2)

That being said, it would be unrealistic to notice any significant contrast in occupation execution between fans with less or more blades. The Arctic White finish has something really fascinating about it given that it comes in a special edition of 2 in 1 functional technology.

Kaze fan, 5 blade (3)

Available in 3 finishes namely, Jet Black, Arctic White & Silver Cacao, these modernized Kaze Fans can be utilized both outside and on the inside. What’s more, Kaze Fans allow an optimal distance between the fan and the ceiling bracket creating ideal airflow. With its customizable length of the extension rod, it gives vitality to adapt to any space, be it anywhere.

Kaze fan, 5 blade (4)

Kaze ceiling Fans are measured by the full size of their blade range (additionally called sharp edge clear), which is the breadth of the circle that you see when the fan blades are in movement. This fan is going to brighten your room with its wide mouth of LED light space.

Kaze fan, 5 blade (1)

Most ceiling fans sizes are likewise dictated by the room they will be put in. For instance, a kitchen ceiling fan will be much smaller than bedroom one. As such, Kaze Fans is befitting for any place of the home given that it comes in variety of 2 bladed to 5 bladed fans, enabling cool ideas to match with great lifestyle product.



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