Before & After: From Not to Hot – This Awesome makeover is cooler than the transformers!!!

If we live in the same house for quite a few years, we will start to notice that the walls look shabbier, the paint starts to peel off and the entire ambiance looks so outdated and bored. Yes, this is a sign which we need to make a change!

If you want to renovate, and you are looking for some tips and inspiration, you are in the right place! We are going to show you the renovation concept about how D’Initial Concept Design Team transformed a drab home into a trendy and brand new home.

Details of the house: Penthouse at Upp East Coast Road, 2500 sqft.

Renovation cost: Around $260,000




The home was quite clean but the concept is slightly out-of-fashion. The space had become smaller for the occupants. Additionally, this aesthetic had gone out of style, so the idea was to create a space that is spacious and trendy at the same time. The overall style needed to be drastically altered in order to create a newer, better interior space and ambiance for the clients.


The entire state of the original apartment was a helter-kelter mess. There was very little circulation space, and no underlying interior concept at all. The messy state of the apartment implied a more organized design technique to be applied during the remodel.





The kitchen was originally finished in white laminates and had no proper organization. The personality and character of the kitchen interior were compromised by the haphazard storage systems and uneven planning.



Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept


The very first thing to do is to open up and expand the living room space. The design and the layout is more opened and spacious instead of designing in a closed off and constrained way. This immediately changed the overall feel and ambiance of the space.

The aesthetics are altered by using a juxtaposed color scheme of light and dark tints. This adds a classy appeal that will be able to keep up with the changing interior trends without seeming outdated.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept


The bedroom was crafted in warm tones of brown and wood. The idea is to create a cozy yet sumptuous atmosphere that would help the client feel relaxed in. The bedroom interior is extremely luxurious but also understated at the same time – which only adds to its beauty.


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept


The kitchen was renovated in the similar dark and light tints as the living room area. The white high-gloss laminates were completely removed and replaced with ash-wood laminates. Their matt finish has a classy, sophisticated appeal which makes the kitchen look as chic as ever. Furthermore, the addition of built-in appliances adds to the visual and functional appeal of the room.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept


The bathroom provides a sense of understated luxury. With its simple fixtures and light toned finishes, the designers have imbued the bathroom interior with an understated allure that is an instant hit.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept


Although the transitional spaces have been dressed to the nines in relatable materials. The overall theme carries and resonates in each nook and cranny of this apartment, which only enhances it overall character and attractiveness.


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