German – New Elegance

German – New Elegance

A little while back, Elle décor released a video defining the interior styles of various countries around the globe. Though technically incorrect and a bit too hokey to be authentic, it delivered the title of ‘New Elegance’ to the German theme. Considering the solitary focus on traditional heritage buildings around Germany, it seemed like a frivolous title, if there was any. But taking in consideration the curveball of modernity that hit the trends around the world around the turn of the century, it is not too big a leap of faith to administer such a title to the new age German interior scheme. While most of it is hinged around a deliberate sort of modern convention, some manage to break free of that tradition and redefine the contemporary ambiance with a touch of ambiguity. This play in conventions is carried out with the help of color and material palates, along with a fine furniture scheme. Keeping that in mind, we would be taking a look at a few German style interiors that do justice to the title bequeathed on them.


When all is muddled and ideas become cluttered, go with the most important concept of all – simplicity. When you’re trying to emulate the aura of elegance in any design, you have to know that going with a standard, elementary formation is always the best way to go. ‘Less is More’ is a tried and true concept. If you look at the interior below, you would notice how all lines are clean cut and clear, while the material palate showcases that simplicity with a plethora of elegance and sophistication.

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When it comes to an elegant color scheme, make sure you use plenty of whites – not only is it an illusive hue, but it also takes the awkward angles of a space and brightens them up. The scheme below uses white as a backdrop to its retro style furniture, the bright color of which is the perfect contrast to the backdrop.

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Edgy lines showcase an understated sort of elegance, but when you combine the straightness of this scheme with the jut of angles, the result is a scheme that emulates an outstanding and bold glamor. Combine these angles with rich colors in glossy schemes and you’ve got yourselves a winner.

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Knowing how to highlight your interiors is an important of the designer. Sometimes, the ceiling design can define the entire ambiance, and if you look at the image below, you could definitely see how – the planks of the laminate drop ceiling make this design particularly stand out.

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Sometimes, an aura of elegance can be achieved by using the same hue in contrasting materials. The interior below showcases this conceptual formation in reality, where the white marble table top is highlighted by the simplicity of the white backdrop.

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