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Stone surfaces – whether engineered or natural – have always been a huge part of any interior design. But lately, using these textures in our home interiors has become a luxurious trend, and Polybuilding is here to satisfy your palate.


Polybuilding is a stone and tile specialist, and they stock an extensive range of the finest quality marbles, granites, limestones, travertines, onyx, quartz, sandstones, slates, homogenous tiles, and engineered stones. That’s quite a variety, isn’t it?


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With a 40-year experience in the industry, this company has been fulfilling your building needs by curating the best stones from all over the world. With so much experience and expertise, they’ve developed quite a trusting rapport with a number of clients. Here’s a complete range of the services that they provide, so let’s take a look:


1. Diverse Applications

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Polybuilding is one of the leading natural stone suppliers and fabricators to a wide range of residential as well as commercial projects. Since their products are so diverse, they can be applied to all genres of spaces. Moreover, the Polybuilding team regularly works hand-in-hand with developers, suppliers to homeowners, and renowned local/international architects and designers as well.


2. Different Services

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As you already know now, Polybuilding deals in a very large and diverse range of natural stones, but that’s not the only services they provide. In fact, they also provide fabrication, installation, and other customized services including floor tiling, external/internal wall claddings, kitchen counter/vanity top installations, marble tables and other personalized needs.


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The company also provides aftercare services that include marble floor polishing for stones that have lost their sheens, vanities that have lost their luster, and countertops that are beginning to look old. They also do restorations for chip-offs, scratches, etc.


3. Excellent Customer Services

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The Polybuilding team is always ready to guide their customers and clients in every aspect – whether they’re dealing with a major/minor renovation, flooring, wall classing, or even just a countertop or vanity installation. Their team is always ready to provide you with feedback on the latest aesthetics, practicality, and technical recommendations to suit the natural stone elements to all your different needs.


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Polybuilding

What’s better is that you can easily reach them on any platform, including their official website, Instagram, Facebook, and Houzz.


4. Exclusive CAMBRIA Suppliers

Aside from everything else, Polybuilding is the exclusive Singapore distributor of CAMBRIA®, America’s leading brand in high-quality natural quartz surface.


Now that you know all of the amazing products and services that Polybuilding has to offer, what’re you waiting for?

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