Go Classy & Sophisticated With Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra Collection

Believe it or not, quartz has become one of the interior design surfaces that has high demand all around the world for these few years. It offers versatile aesthetics; meanwhile, it features technical and pragmatic essentials like resilience and durability. Frankly, people want their money’s worth. Caesarstone knows it well thus they only offer high quality quartz surfaces.

Meanwhile, the top priority at Caesarstone is to protect the environment; hence, they are committed fully to a Cleaner, Safer and Better-Quality Environment. Now, you may want to know more about what makes Caesarstone utterly unique and outstanding. You are lucky to read this post since we would like to introduce the manufacturing process of Caesarstone.

Everyone knows that all Caesarstone products are composed of 93% natural quartz; meanwhile, they are chip, heat, scratch and stain resistant. You may not know that Caesarstone has 3 state-of-the-art production facilities, there are fully automated production lines servicing a distribution network globally.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone

Besides, it is vital to have trained and highly skilled staff to manufacture great quality products by utilizing advanced Breton technologies. From the inspection of raw materials to the complete product, each and every aspect of production is carefully supervised by experienced staff. Last but not least, the end product is carefully labeled and delivered to showrooms.

The actual process of manufacturing consists of 7 comprehensive steps such as feeding & mixing, molding, pressing, curing, polishing, quality assurance and labeling. You can obtain more details via here.



Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone




Environmental Commitment:

As the leading brand that manufactures eco-friendly products, protecting the environment is always Caesarstone’s top priority as this ensures a brighter future for the next generation. Since all Caesarstone materials are composed of 93% natural quartz, they generally have a low and almost non-existent carbon footprint. This makes these products as one of the eco-friendliest finishing surfaces in the market. As you can see, this also makes it easier for consumers to build a carefree bathroom, kitchen and commercial material application.

Here’s how Caesarstone manages to incorporate eco-friendliness in their products:

  • The strive to reduce the environmental impacts starts during the production phase through energy and waste minimization.
  • The company recycles about 97% of their used water with advance filtration systems.
  • Excess waste material is recycled to reduce landfills and soil pollution.
  • The byproduct dust is collected throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Lastly, the raw materials are stored in a clean, safe environment to prevent possible leakage.


At the meantime, let’s view this Supernatural Ultra collection which goes through a rigorous making process. There are three designs that achieve the exquisite appearance of natural stone which include a variety of intricate veins amidst striking yet classic colours. This collection is a complete gem that offers high-concept aesthetics as well as a trendy and stylish vibe to the ambiance. Let’s look at the three surfaces that make up the face of this collection:



1. Statuario Maximus

Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone

If a contrast of bold and subtle designs is what you’re looking for, then the Statuario Maximus can be the perfect choice for you. Caesarstone has characterized this surface as an ‘ultra-premium’ design that features subtle and delicate veining in two shades of grey. This can be set on a soft white backdrop. It’s an extremely elegant design that would make any interior space look classy and sophisticated.



2. White Attica

Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone

The White Attica in Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra Collection features a stylish monochrome set-up. The natural color combination for its design comes in vivid black and whites with hints of greys in the mix. Trendy and unique, this surface can make any space seem absolutely distinguished.



3. Vanilla Noir

Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone

The Vanilla Noir surface features a majorly black aesthetic that is embellished by creamy vanilla tones. It’s a surface that emulates a classic vibe that is able to make any interior design look absolutely timeless.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone

As mentioned earlier, Caesarstone is committed to bringing only the best to their customers, which is why the Supernatural Ultra Collection features a number of avant-garde surfaces you won’t find anywhere else in the world. There are always great reasons for a brand that becomes the foremost professional choice for qualitative and durable interior designs.

Needless to say, all Caesarstone quartz products are independently certified by Greenguard Environment Institute as low emitting surfaces. The most crucial thing is Caesarstone remains fully compliant with the changing requirements of international environmental protection standards. This is crucial as they allocate resources according to the internationally approved policy and procedures.

Interior DesignHome Renovation, ID: Fineline, Image Source: Caesarstone

If you’re someone who is interested in creating your interior design in an eco-friendly, quality enhanced, cleaner and safer environment, plus aesthetically pleasant finishes, Caesarstone would be the most ideal choice and an environmentally friendly product for you! Let’s visit Caesarstone for more information!

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