Go plush with the Minotti interior design style

Minotti might have started off as a luxury furniture and archi-products brand, but it has now pinwheeled into global acceptance as a style in its own right. People who want to emulate a luxurious look in their home interiors tend to take inspiration from this style. If you want to do that as well, then here are a few characteristics of this style that you can be inspired from. Let’s take a look:


1. A bespoke concept

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A bespoke concept is the first thing that you need to come up with while emulating this style in your home interiors. Since the Minotti style is very sleek and plush, it’s best to stick with styles that characterize this look. There is no need to be eclectic or even transitional – just opting for the basics and being as minimal as possible is going to cut it.


2. Understated colours

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The Minotti style is all about emulating understated luxury in your home interiors, so there is no need to go for loud statement pieces and other things. You can simply go with the flow of things. Choose materials that exude an elegant aura and pair them with sophisticated accessories that complement them well. Try being as sleek as possible.


3. Being austere

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One of the major characteristics of the Minotti style is that it is very bare-bones, yet still manages to have a huge impact. This is usually done by carrying out a nice selection of material and texture finishes. While the colour scheme is mostly understated, the texture of the translating materials can imbue a lot of personality in the space, so choose carefully.


4. Impeccable detailing

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The art of detailing is an essential part of the Minotti style, so when you’re designing an interior in its vein, you need to be extra careful of articulating this challenging task. Since you cannot be extra, and the choice of accessories is very limited, you can play up the drama of the space by featuring your choice of décor against dark-hued surfaces for maximum contrast.


5. Strategic lighting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: ARTrend Design

Like everything else in the Minotti style interior design, lighting is just as important. You need to be very strategic with the placement of your LEDs. They need to be located juts right to emphasize certain textures or colours. Similarly, if you’re using statement light fixtures, then they need to emulate a classy, sleek design to match the rest of the ambiance.


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