Gong Xi Fa Cai – Why You Must Know The Importance To Have Quartz Countertops During Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is known as the most crucial holiday of the year in Chinese society. Don’t you think that it is quite important to have resilient quartz surfaces at homes these days – especially when there are activities such as gathering at home during LNY reunion, carrying out a home cleaning, cooking with family or friends for reunion dinner, etc., it can permanently damage the surface of countertops if they are made of lesser durable materials such as granite, marble, solid surface, plastic laminate, wood, etc.

As Lunar New Year is around the corner, we would like to introduce Caesarstone to you. It is time to know this brand that is the industry pioneer and leading manufacturing of high quality quartz surfaces. Needless to say, you can apply it on a tabletop, bathroom vanity or a kitchen countertop. As Caesarstone is a stunning engineered stone that made from up to 93% natural quartz, you can tell their products are exceptionally durable and strong.

At the meantime, their most cutting-edge design and construction materials add absolute beauty to the Caesartsone quartz. Of course, all of their surfaces are easy to clean and maintain as the non-porous quartz surfaces require minimal maintenance - there’s no need to seal or wax the surface.

Be sure to check out the qualitative and aesthetically relevant quartz finishes that Caesarstone offers. Here are several reasons you should go for them!


1. Stain resistant


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone

If you’re constantly worried about staining any of the quartz surfaces of your kitchen, please put your worries aside because Caesarstone products offers a completely stain resistant quartz surface. So, you can simply let go and enjoy your cooking time while preparing a grand LNY dinner now. Stop worrying about protecting your precious statement table surface from food stains, because you don’t have to by installing Caesarstone quartz.


2. Scratch & chip resistant

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone

Scratching and chipping are the foremost fears of any homeowner when they invest in quality quartz surfaces. Whether it’s a heavy impact or a sharp scratch, Caesarstone products can hold their own against all scratching and chipping – that’s the beauty of their natural quartz.



3. Non-porous & mold resistant


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone

If you’re looking for healthiest and cleanest quartz surfaces, then you’re in luck, because Caesarstone delivers only the best. Their products are completely non-porous, which also makes it mold and mildew resistant. It is wonderful that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in cleaning it after you spend so much time for preparing meals on it. It is because the quartz surface material can be truly easily cleaned!



4. Heat resistant

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone

Most kitchen and table countertops cave under extreme heat – they either splinter or crack. But Caesarstone quartz are completely heat resistant; however, we don’t encourage our users to place the hot pot or pan directly on the surface of the kitchen worktop. But if you accidentally put the hot pot on the surface of table countertops, you can immediately lift the pot in order to well protect it – this quartz countertop is able to take the heat at 100-degree Celsius around 10-15 minutes. But still, take good care of the table countertops despite it is the strongest and heat resistant quality quartz surfaces.



5. Quality aesthetics


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone

Aside from the functional qualities, Caesarstone products also deliver on the aesthetics. They are offering pragmatic qualities as well as delivering on the visual front. With a variety of colours options and designs, they have awesome collections for everybody! You will definitely fall in love with all the various textures and designs that offers high quality color consistency as well. Be ready to be asked that where you purchased the quartz when you invite your family and friends to your house during LNY!


If you want to fully enjoy a great LNY gathering with family and friends at home – with great food and wines, or if you are looking for a fully cleaner, safer and better home environment, we highly recommend Caesarstone as there are many benefits that come with using its quartz. Needless to say, their aesthetic products are completely on point that they are great fit for the installation at kitchen, bathroom or living room. What are you waiting for if you are interested to know more about the details? Let’s visit Caesarstone for more information!

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