Great Read: Tell You Why Less Is Always More

While it was the modernist pioneer Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe who actually coined the term ‘less is more’ the concept rings true even to this day. The idea is to strip off unnecessary ornamentation from the spaces in order to make them seem honest, earnest and bold in their simplicity. Many contemporary interior designs are carried out in this vein with light twists to keep things interesting and fresh. Today, we’ll be looking at 5 reasons the concept of ‘less is more’ is still relevant to this day.


1. Unadorned beauty

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Simplicity is one of the best assets of contemporary interior designs. This unadorned beauty is able to reflect the preset lifestyle extremely well. By using simple finishes and sleek materials, your interior designs are able to carry that extra grace that everyone instantly falls in love with. It’s a great way to be stylish and trendy without going overboard with too much designing.




2. Function over form

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Interior designs that emphasize more on the ‘less’ are always function based. This is especially very relevant to the HDB interior design trend in Singapore. Function based designs carry much more weight and look more relevant as compared to a space that has been designed purely to satisfy the decorative aspects.




3. Effortless styling

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Simple interior designs look effortlessly stylish as compared to a design that has become overwrought with too much decoration. Clean, simple lines are able to convey a stylish aspect with much more ease. It also has the ability to emulate a stunning and impactful aesthetic with nothing more than simple lines with beautiful lighting accents.




4. Spaciousness by design

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Simple interior designs are always able to regulate space with ease. Since the focus is always on the functional aspect of the design, the rest of the space always features an efficient circulation. This spaciousness by design is one of the most attractive qualities of a ‘less is more’ aesthetic. It conveys beauty and grace with a direct focus on function.



5. No more clutter

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Another great quality of simple and straightforward interior designs is that there is no – or very little – visual clutter. This is perfect within the context of Singapore, where the space is less and demand is more. It’s a very pragmatic way to go about the designing of small spaces.

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