Greenlam Laminates – The Highest Safety Standard Laminate For Your Homes

Most people take the health and safety standard of their construction materials for granted, not knowing that choosing hazardous ones can cause an incredibly negative effect on their health in the long run. Out of all the materials we use in our homes, the ones that should be most thoroughly considered are the visible horizontal and vertical surfaces like countertops, wardrobes, cabinets, walls and TV consoles.


Greenlam knows it best! Besides providing a wide range of textures in antibacterial grade, they have also achieved the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for all laminates! It means all laminates produced at Greenlam factories are NSF certified. This is an incredibly precious certification to get, which shows that Greenlam’s laminates are safe and hygienic and can even be used in direct contact of food.


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Greenlam Laminate Applications

Earning the NSF certification definitely gives Greenlam an upper hand to be able to supply laminates within the food industry. Restaurant facilities can use Greenlam laminates on surfaces such as countertops, where food is prepared. Let’s take a look at these few items which can be incorporated with Greenlam laminates:


  • Cutting Boards: Greenlam’s compact laminates have a thickness of 3mm to 35mm and can be used in the manufacturing and production of cutting boards. They’re highly scratch and stain resistant while easy to maintain.


  • Serve Ware: The same compact laminates can be used in serve-ware products like plates and trays. They are highly hygienic, which is the perfect option for such applications.


  • Pizza Base: This is a NSF product; and it is a dishwasher safe, knife friendly and heat resistant product that can withstand a whopping high temperature. You can use it for pizza boards and paddles.


  • Other applications: Greenlam has the capabilities to produce compact laminates sheets used for skate board ramps and auto-industry applications like car storage drawers and more.


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Maintenance of Greenlam Laminates

All Greenlam laminates are easy to maintain and they retain their original shine and luster for a long while. Here’s what you should do for easy maintenance of your products:


  • A damp cloth or sponge is all your need to clean the surface.
  • If your laminate surface has acquired a stubborn stain like tea or coffee or wine, you can easily get rid of it by cleaning with a mild household detergent.
  • If there are extra stubborn stains on the surface of laminates, then you can use some baking soda and water, and gently apply with a soft bristled brush as abrasive scrubs tend to damage the finishes.
  • You must keep your laminates away from harsh chemicals like drain cleaners as well as extremely hot objects and heat generating appliances.
  • If your laminate is used on a decorative object, then refrain from using sharp objects and knives on it.
  • You must also avoid deliberate heavy impacts like direct hammering on the surface. Even with their high-pressure resistance, cracks can occur on decorative laminate surfaces.

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These are some of the amazing benefits and values of Greenlam laminates! It is definitely safe, healthy, pragmatic, and most importantly, easy to maintain. Not to mention, Greenlam laminates provides a wide range of stylish designs with exclusive textures to suit all your needs.


If you are looking for great quality and decorative laminates, Greenlam laminates is highly recommended! A stylish and healthier life starts now!

You can find out more on their website www.greenlam.com or contact +65 6365 9138 for more information.

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