Your Guide For Brightening Up Dull interiors

If you’re the kind of homeowner who loves the dull end of the colour palette and want to dress your homes in all shades of greys, sage, browns and more, you’ll definitely be familiar with the struggle of making your space too drab. Don’t worry. Many of us have been there, which is why today, we’ll be featuring 5 useful tips you can use to brighten up your dull interiors! Let’s have a look!


1. Bring in an understated bright

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The thing to remember here is that bright colours don’t always need to have a vivacious quality. Pastel blue is just as bright as sapphire or cobalt, but in a totally different sort of way. You’ll be needing to tap into the understated side of bright hues to brighten up your dull interior designs. So if you’ve got a space that’s big on greys, how about using neutral oak browns and sage greens to spice it up.


2. Gravitas with lighting

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If you’re a connoisseur of dull colours in interiors then good lighting is going to be your best friend! It’s always recommended to go for fixtures that are slightly brighter in texture, so that they can reflect the light more fully while standing out against the dull backdrop. It’s also essential that you pay attention to the level of illumination for the best results.


3. Personalize fully

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Another thing that can help you brighten up your dull interiors is the use of customization. Nothing quite speaks volumes as much as personal accessorizing and tastes. So if you’re working with a space that is decidedly on the dull side of the spectrum, you can brighten it up by decorating with personal accessories, prized possessions, photo frames and even your favorite bed covers.


4. Colour diversity

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Sticking to just one of your favorite dull colours is an absolute no-no. On the contrary, you must come up with a colour palette that features a plethora of dull colours that you can use in various surfaces of your spaces. A dominant colour can be reserved for walls, the secondary one for curtains and the tertiary one for the furnishings.


5. Playing with textures

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When working with dull colours, another thing to remember is how you can spruce up the space with some good texturing. You don’t have to introduce excessive textures in your spaces – simply try being organic about all the ones that you do introduce for the best possible results!


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