Your guide to creating the perfect neutral color scheme

The neutral color palette is one of the most beloved modern design inventions in the world. These colors are so charming yet understated, and yet many homeowners do not know how to use them. So today, we’ve compiled a guide to creating the perfect neutral color scheme for you!


1. It’s not always beige

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The first and foremost preconception to break about the neutral palette is that its not always predominantly beige. In fact, the neutral color scheme is as diverse as they come. It consists of light, dark and medium tints/hues which can be used to create beautiful earthy contrasts. If beige is the lightest color on your spectrum, then chocolate brown can be the darkest.


2. Neutral warm and neutral cool

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 Yes, there are warm and cool shades in the neutral colored palate as well. Don’t believe us? Well, the lightest shades always walk a fine line between the two, but greys, graphite, slate and frost white are all on the cool side. On the other hand, the hues of coffee, cinnamon, tawny and tan definitely represent the warmer side of the palette. Only if you choose from both sides can you create a truly balanced neutral color scheme.


3. Incorporate patterns

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 Now that you know how to create a good natural hued color scheme, it’s now time to bring in the materials and patterns. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Yes, simple is usually very elegant and charming, but sometimes, you need amazing patterns to bring out the best in your space. Oak wood hued herringbone patterns are a good example.


4. Don’t forget the pastels

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 There’s one more aspect of the neutral palette that you need to understand. It’s not just composed of browns and monochromes. In fact, it also encompasses the pastels. The right shades of baby pink, tea pink and more can be considered belonging to the neutral toned family.


5. Try grooving

 Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations

 If you don’t like complicated patterns, but still want to spice up your neutral color scheme with something then consider grooves. Grooves can be done in any shape and pattern that you like – be it simple or extensively complicated. They can definitely be the perfect embellishment for your neutral themed home interiors.


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