Guide For You To Survive During Renovation Process

Your home renovation is a big business that involves big bucks, which means you definitely want it to have as smooth a sailing as possible. Unfortunately, you might have to face a lot of difficulties in the process yourself because you’ll obviously be somewhere between moving in and not being able to because of the actual construction work. So today, we’ve compiled a few tips that will definitely be your guide to surviving the renovation process.



1. Home away from home

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It’s always prudent to secure yourself a temporary abode during the process of renovation. You’ll find that your current premises are not exactly suitable for living conditions, which is why it is always recommended for homeowners to pack up and weather the storm somewhere else. It will definitely rack up some extra expenses, but that’s exactly what your contingency fund is for.



2. Pack up your essentials

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Whether it’s your mother’s heirloom quality china set or whether it is your beloved book collection, left alone to their devices, they can definitely go to waste during a renovation. So it is always best to pack up all your beloved trinkets and essentials in cardboard boxes and store them elsewhere while your home is being spruced up during the renovation.




3. Regular check-up’s

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You should always take some time out of your life to schedule intermittent check-up’s on how the work is progressing at home. It’s good that you trust the collaboration between your contractor and designer, but showing up personally can help maintain a good progress speed while making sure that everything’s going according to plan.





4. Post completion check-up’s

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It is always recommended that you thoroughly check out all the work that has been done once the renovation is complete. Whether it’s the right incline of the bathroom floor tiles or the neat application of laminates on your kitchen cabinets, you’ll be able to detect any shoddy work on the spot and consult your contractor on it while the paint is still fresh.





5. Clean-up

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Most Singaporians don’t really know what to do about the post-renovation clean-up. It’s not exactly listed in your BOQ and you’ll definitely to shell out some extra money if you want your new home to look spick and span. You’ll probably have to hire a cleaning crew to make that happen, though. So once again, do not shy away from having a contingency renovation budget.

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