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5 Reasons for Choosing hansgrohe Shower Products Design

Designing a shower nook for your bathroom may be an integral part of the design process, but knowing which accessories and products to choose can be a cumbersome task.


With 116 years of history, Hansgrohe, based in Schiltach Black Forest, Germany, is one of leading manufacturers in bathroom fittings, showers and shower systems and offers a wide variety of selection to choose from.
To date, the Hansgrohe company has won more than 500 design awards, making them one of the most decorated manufacturer in the bathroom industry. In addition, Hansgrohe was ranked 10th in the design ranking for the highest design competence, leading above other sanitary brands. As a design leader, the Hansgrohe company has been consistently creating trend-setting and innovative products which have changed the bathroom scene, which sets it apart from other brands. Under the Hansgrohe company, they have two brands – AXOR and hansgrohe.
The hansgrohe brand distinctly stands out for its modern technologies, innovative design, and a superlative level of functional quality.


Today we’ll be sharing with you five reasons to choose hansgrohe shower products for your bathroom.

5 Reasons for Choosing hansgrohe Shower Products (6)

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

1. Easy to maintain
Investing in high quality premium bathroom fittings and showers is important – after all, you would want to have a peace of mind that your shower products are durable and reliable. Thanks to hansgrohe’s QuickClean technology, all it takes is a rub of the nozzles to remove any possible lime scale deposit. With easy-to-maintain bathroom products, this ensures that home owners have one less thing to worry about.

2. Award-winning Designs
With more than 500 design awards under its belt, the Hansgrohe Company offers aesthetically pleasing products for home owners. These products have been awarded with coveted honors such as the reddot design award, the iF Design award, just to name a few.


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

In the bathroom, the Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 as well as the latest addition of the ShowerTablet Select 700 are perfect examples of how the Select technology makes showering easy and intuitive. Conveniently positioned at the front on the ShowerTablet Select, the Select buttons come with clear and easy-to-understand icons that show how simple it is to push a button to turn the shower on or off.

More importantly, there is an option to install the Select buttons in such a way that they protrude slightly when they are in the shut-off position, making it easier to locate them by touch –with a light touch of the finger tips. This is a welcome feature for home owners, especially when planning for oases of well-being that accommodate all generations, including their children and the elderly. In hotels, this will create a perfect shower experience as guests can easily and intuitively determine how to use the shower controls even when viewing them for the first time. [/span5][/row]

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

For home owners especially those who spend a considerable amount of time working in the kitchen they often look for smart and easy-to-use kitchen products that enhance their experience in the increasingly-small confines of the kitchen in modern cities like Singapore and Hong Kong.

With Hansgrohe’s latest valuable kitchen helper – the newest kitchen mixers which feature the Select technology in combination with pull-out spouts, cooking or washing in the kitchen will no longer be a mundane chore!

Thanks to the built-in Select button on the pull-out spout on the new Metris Select and Talis Select kitchen mixers, cleaning pots and pans, filling a vase with water or watering plants is a pleasant and intuitive experience. Moreover, these new kitchen mixers blend well with a myriad of kitchen design styles and harmonise with a variety of sink shapes, and the pull-out spout is securely re-attached to the kitchen mixer after each use because of the magnetic attachment. In addition, the swivel spout offers a 150-degree range and can be turned in any direction, which is easy to use for kitchens installed with double sinks. For home owners, this will definitely make working in the kitchen a more enjoyable task.

Purely mechanical – without the complexity of electronics

While planning for new homes or the renovation of existing home, home owners often prefer products that are easy to install without any complicated set ups. Afterall, the planning process is already considerably tedious and challenging – home owners would certainly love to have fuss-free products that do not pose a challenge or require unnecessary space.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

Home owners may be surprised to know that the Hansgrohe Select technology is purely mechanical and requires no electronics. The latest Talis Select basin mixers, designed in collaboration with Hansgrohe’s long standing design partners, Phoenix Design, aptly illustrates the simple yet intelligent Select technology. Hansgrohe specially developed the Select cartridge for the Talis Select basin mixers to work seamlessly, allowing users to control the water flow with a simple push of the button and the temperature by turning the valve. More importantly, no additional electricity or devices are required in the base cabinet, saving the hassle for home owners.

Individualised water pleasure

Bearing in mind that each individual is different and may have varying taste, style and preferences especially when it comes to having a shower, consumers will be pleased to know that the Hansgrohe Select technology promises individualised water pleasure in the bathroom and creates a delightful water experience in the daily lives.

The Raindance handshowers, which created a revolution in the bathroom industry in 2003 with its large handshowers and slim handles, a novelty at the point when it was introduced. The innovative AirPower offered a pampering experience with the mixing of water and air into gentle droplets of rain pearls for consumers. In 2011, Hansgrohe fitted their best-selling Raindance handshowers with the Select technology, taking individualised shower pleasure even further.

Based on customers’ feedback and test showers, Hansgrohe has observed that there are different personality types when it comes to taking showers. “We interpreted the differing requirements of these types with the creation of different types of water sprays, ensuring greater variety under the shower”. Jan Heisterhagen shares, “We weren’t satisfied with merely giving our customers more choice; however, we also wanted to make it easier to make a selection.”

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

Taking the Raindance Select S120 handshowers as an example, there are people who want to be refreshed and save time and thus, the powerful

“Rain” spray vitalises them and effective rinses shampoo and soap, allowing them to have an efficient and enjoyable shower. For those seeking relaxation under a gently pearling rain shower, they can easily switch to the voluminous yet soft “RainAir” spray. Lastly, those who are feeling sore and tired will enjoy the “Whirl” spray which is perfect to ease their tense and tired muscles in the shower in a targeted manner. By offering these three individualised spray modes in a single ergonomic handshower the Raindance Select S120 provides a perfect pampering experience in the bathroom space for homeowners after a long day at work or school.

Keeping your fittings clean

With soapy hands while washing or cleaning, it is often a challenge to turn the bathroom or kitchen fittings on or off; after all, trying to turn the bulky cross handle of the conventional basin mixers can be frustrating with the interference of soap suds. What about situations where your hands are dirty and you would like to turn on the mixer to rinse your hands but fear leaving dirty and unsightly marks on the mixer?

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

For homeowners, this worry can become a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative Select technology fitted in Hansgrohe’s newest Talis mixers. The secret lies in the intelligent Select button on the upper side of the Talis Select basin mixer, which can be easily and intuitively operated using the hand, wrist, elbow or arm. The basin mixer will no longer become dirty or have soap residues or unsightly marks when you are washing your hands, and you can enjoy a fuss-free and simple water experience.

Conserving water (and money)

Homeowners are increasingly concerned about water conservation and they are seeking for high quality environmentally-friendly products that are water-saving but do not compromise on pleasure. Homeowners who desire an enjoyable water experience with environmentally-friendly products can now consider the new Talis Select basin mixers.

The intelligent Select technology offered by Hansgrohe to its new range of Talis basin mixers also features a clever benefit – saving water (and potentially money) for the users.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

Water is saved quickly and easily by users when they simply press the convenient Select button on the Talis Select basin mixers – after each use of the basin mixer, with a decisive and swift push on the Select button, homeowners can be certain that the water flow will stop quickly without any unfounded fears if the mixer has been closed properly.

Aesthetically-pleasing and award-winning designs

As home owners increasingly view the bathroom as a space for me-time and rejuvenation, they are focusing more on the aesthetics and design of the bathroom now, compared to the past.

On top of offering the intelligent Select technology, Hansgrohe’s latest bathroom and kitchen fittings feature aesthetically-pleasing designs which have won various coveted design awards.This will come as no surprise from the Hansgrohe Group, the design leader in the bathroom fitting industry, with more than 500 design awards under its belt.

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Hansgrohe

If homeowners are looking for thermostatic mixers without the complexity of traditional controls or without taking up space, they are in for a treat. One of the award-winning Hansgrohe Select products is the ShowerSelect Glass thermostat, having won the iF Design Award 2015 and reddot award 2015. Its durable white glass surface is high quality and scratch-resistant, making it easy to clean.

The timeless white glass surface blends perfectly well with ceramic, tiles and ceiling, fitting harmoniously into the bathroom environment. The concealed thermostat’s working parts are built into the wall, creating space for greater freedom of movement in the shower area and making it more visually appealing. With its clean and attractive aesthetics, it is therefore no wonder that the new ShowerSelect Thermostats have become an attractive addition to our customers’ bathrooms!

Hansgrohe is currently running a Renovation Campaign “Affordable Luxuries for Your Bathroom” – find out more at:

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