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With an average floor space of 60 to 68 sqm, designing your 3-room HDB flat can be challenging.

Aside from the limited space to fit all your necessary furniture and appliances, you may not be able to achieve the aesthetic you want for your home.

Fortunately, Renopedia offers an endless variety of renovation ideas on our website!

Our platform offers a vast selection of options that cater to different styles, budgets, and preferences.

HDB 3 Room Renovation

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Space-Saving Design Ideas for Your 3-Room HDB Flat

With careful planning and creative design solutions, it’s possible to make the most out of your small spaces and create a functional and comfortable living environment.

Here are the best creative ideas you can use to save space:

To add more storage

Space-saving or Multipurpose Furniture

Integrated or open shelves and seats and platform beds with storage

Multipurpose furniture is a great way to free up more space. For example, integrated and open shelving makes getting things easier while making the space feel more open.

You can also opt for sofas that double as storage or a platform bedroom which creates space for a working area.

For a more seamless flow

open shelves

Open concept layout

An open layout space is an excellent way to create a brighter and more spacious home as it allows more natural light to enter.

To close off some spaces, such as your master bedroom or dining area, use glass doors or folding doors instead of the usual floor-to-ceiling walls.

You may also opt for a feature wall for a more personalised touch.

open plan house

Broken-plan layout

The broken-plan layout uses the principles of the open concept but takes it to the next level by its clever use of structural and design elements.

For instance, use a light colour scheme against darker walls, extra wide doors, and varying floor and ceiling heights to subtly separate the areas of your resale flat.

broken plan

To create the perception of a larger space

Glass panels and sliding doors

Glass partitions help open up spaces and keep them clutter free.

glass doors

Floating cabinets

Floating spaces maximise the vertical space of your home and frees up your floor for furniture such as your dining table.

floating cabinets

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