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Space won’t be your primary concern when renovating your 4-room BTO flat.

Ideal for young families, these HDB BTO flats typically come with 3 bedrooms, including a master bedroom with attached bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a common bathroom, service yard, and a bomb shelter.

You can definitely have more freedom transforming your living space into your dream home. However, with so many possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overspend on your renovation cost.

This is where Renopedia can help.

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4 room bto design

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Different Budget Interior Design Ideas for Your 4-Room BTO Flat

Achieve your dream home without breaking the bank with these design ideas.

Dark Modern Design

Balance is key when going for a dark colour scheme for your home.

Do not use the same shade; instead, pair monochromatic palette with metallic accents and matte finishes on materials like marble, concrete, and dark wood.

You can also try layering lighting with warm, dimmable lights and choosing furniture with clean lines and black leather or velvet upholstery for a cosy home.

Dark Modern Design

Minimalist Design

When designing a minimalist home, less is more.

Keep your decor simple and minimal; open up your dining area and use space saving furniture such as a platform bed.

Opt for neutral colours with shades of white, beige, and grey and use materials like natural wood, concrete, and metal for furniture such as your dining table and kitchen cabinets.

open concept kitchen for bigger space

Scandinavian Contemporary Design

Simplicity, functionality, and the use of natural materials make up the core of this Nordic design.

To achieve this aesthetic, keep decor minimal and choose pieces with natural and functional designs, such as wooden furniture.

neutral colour palette

Industrial Style

Industrial interior design embraces the beauty of materials in their natural state.

Emulate the design by incorporating raw materials such as concrete, metal, and reclaimed wood and using industrial-style decor such as exposed pipes or vintage signage.

gold accents and pendant lights

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