Here Are 5 Must-Haves For All Dream Kitchens

The dregs of an un-designed kitchen are a total turn off when you’re sailing through those property and investment websites. But even just a glimpse of a picturesque magazine spread one on either Pinterest or Instagram can send homeowners into a total tailspin! If you’re still searching for all those components that make up a dream kitchen, here are 5 that we think no one can live without:


1. Built-in appliance garage

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You’ll notice that around eighty percent of the clutter in your kitchens is thanks to all those appliances that have no place to be. So you just set them up where you find even the smallest of space and the haphazardness just comes off as visually unappealing. Well, you can totally avoid this dilemma now by going for an appliance garage (basically a tall cabinet for all of your daily and occasionally used appliances) to keep everything handy and organized.


2. Sink and hob

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It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without a sink or a stove, but what type of sink and stove can make a huge difference. Whether you sink is undermount, overmount, double-basin, or single-basin matters a lot. Similarly, you can opt for many different kinds of hoods and hobs. Induction hobs with smart hoods are quite popular these days, but you can easily opt for something different if your budget is small.


3. Fully customized cabinetry

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Every dream kitchen needs some innovative cabinetry to make it feel fresh. Conventional cabinets are so last century. These days, you can opt for ideas that are truly ingenious, help make the most of your space, give you some extra storage, and emulate a lot of style within your kitchens. From bold cuts to open shelf add-on’s and even extended downlighters can be added to make it feel unique.


4. Invest in compartmentalization

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If there was ever a space in your home that can do with some extra organization, it’s the kitchen. With so many different types of utensils and objects, tweaking the design of your drawers and cabinet interiors is always a great way to ensure some neat compartmentalization. From hardware that can make sense of those nifty corners to slim pullouts, there’s a lot you can go for.


5. Break away the typical

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The important thing to remember at the end is that your kitchen is your baby. If you want it to stand out from the million others out there, don’t be afraid to take a chance with something unconventional. Be bold with your backsplash, go custom with your cabinets, and if you want reverse toe-kicks for some late night munchies, then go for it!


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