Here are 5 things every designer wants you to try

Designers are always coming up with uncanny solutions to typical renovation and design problems. Their experience in the industry and creative mindset allows them to come up with ideas that are absolutely unique and different. So, if you’re looking for fresh inspirations, here are 5 things that every designer wants you to try:


1. Replace the typical living room layout

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The living room layout has become kind of a predetermined set – we always choose from the same old sofa sets, pick the same old coffee tables, and rarely ever try to deviate from the norm. But how about you try something new this time. Instead of a sectional, pick relaxing easy-chairs with ottomans. Kick out the coffee table completely, and make some more circulation space. You’ll certainly end up with a cozy and spacious outlook!


2. A permanent dining set

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The dining nook or alcove has become a transitional space of sorts in contemporary Singaporean homes. Don’t you think it’s time to make it a permanent fixture in our spaces? You can do so by going for an inbuilt dining table that can double as both a breakfast bar and island. You can even pair it up with some in-built seating and eclectic stool choices if your tastes call for it.


3. Retro artwork

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The pop art style used to be all the rage back in the day, but now it’s not being used as often – which is too bad because it makes an amazing accent piece. You can emulate this style in your homes once again by picking your favourite pop artworks and graphics and creating a small gallery wall out of them. It can be instantly stylish and dramatic at the same time.


4. Tinted looking mirrors

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Got a small space that you need to utilise? Want to make it seem spacious and stylish at the same time? Go for tinted looking mirrors. You can opt for feature length selections of these and use them on your wardrobes, clad them on your accent walls, or even create customised designs out of them.


5. Bypass the typical cabinets

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: IN-EXPAT

For all those who want to make their kitchen interiors unique, try being unconventional with the cabinet designs. You can experiment with their openings, materials, and even bypass a few units to get a distinct look that is completely your own!


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