Here’s how you can accessorize your home like a pro

While there’s very little a homeowner can contribute to the physical renovation works of their home, they can certainly partake in the decoration part. In fact, it’s a major part of your home aesthetic, and requires you to demonstrate your personal taste. However, curating and artfully placing decoration pieces all around your home can be a challenging task. So today, we bring you some tips on how you can decorate like a total pro. Let’s take a look:


1. Bring in your personal taste

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Your home décor can only be unique and customized if you look past all those mass-produced items and discover something that is distinctive enough to appeal your personal tastes. Go for mismatched accessories – vases, bookshelves, frames, etc. – and appraise them based on their quality. Select the things that help you tell a story, rather than be just pretty to look at.


2. Placement is key

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The way you place your decorative accessories all throughout your home is an art form that needs to be carefully considered. You cannot randomly place everything just where you think may fit. Every trinket, bauble and book need to own its spot – not seem like it was hurriedly put there. So, take your time, experiment with different places and then come up with a lasting home for your décor.


3. Be dynamic

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You know the blandest way you can decorate your home? By choosing accessories of the same colour. This is a huge NO. The fun in décor is that you get to experiment with various colours and textures to make your space feel dynamic. So don’t be bland with your choice. Go all out – be as eclectic as you possibly can. Only then can your homes truly feel visually appealing.


4. Appreciate the size of your decor

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Once you’ve selected all of your accessories and it’s time for the actual placement, you need to take in consideration the size and scale of each item. You cannot pair two very large items together or they’ll look garish. Similarly, two very small items may also not have an impact. It’s always about the mix-and-match with accessorizing. You need to figure out what size of an object contrasts as well as complements the other one to truly add an oomph to your spaces.


5. Asymmetry – your best friend

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Excessive symmetry can seem boring when used in large quantities – especially relating to accessorizing your homes. Therefore, using asymmetric placements and decorative items throughout your space is going to have even more of an appeal.


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