Here’s How You Can Dress Your Home Interiors In Caramel Tones

Often, we experience a warm toned space and categorize it generically as ‘brown.’ But that’s exactly when a sharp eye comes in handy. Caramel tones do belong to the brown family, but they have that unique individuality that can make a space look absolutely stylish as well as warm. So today, we’ll be featuring a few tips on how you can dress your home interiors in caramel tones!


1. Plain painted walls

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A simple, plain painted wall in the softest hue of caramel can be a great home design element! There’s no need to go full-out with any other accessory, but you can definitely add a bit of contrast by using furnishings and other interior design elements in darker tints or shades. It can help make the wall a standout feature of your home.


 2. Praline floors

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Praline with caramel crunch is one decadent delicacy, and you can emulate a similar texture effect in your home interiors by opting for unique floors. Textured floors with a glossy sheen are a great home renovation accessory. By adding a caramel toned twist to it, you can highlight the trendy aspect two-fold.


 3. Using gradation

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Caramel – like any other color on the wheel – is not a solitary shade. It has its own variation of tints (darker tones) and hues (lighter hues). So, if you’re worried about using a single color in your home interior, don’t worry about it. Single family color palates are a top trend for 2018, and you can dress your home in various gradient style tones of this shade to capture a beautiful aesthetic.


 4. When it comes to contrast

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Finding the perfect contrast to complement your caramel color scheme can be a bit challenging. You have to find a color that can complement the natural and understated quality of this particular scheme, so you cannot opt for colors that are too bold or vivacious. Green is the perfect counterpart to this particular shade because it’s also a natural tone yet is completely different. Caramel and green make a stunning pair, and you can even go for some fresh indoor planters to capture an organic effect.


 5. Don’t shy away from patterns

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Carpenters

Caramel color looks best when it’s complemented with a nice pattern. When there’s no tonal variation in a piece of caramel colored furniture or you want to spice up its aesthetic, you can design it with a pattern to bring out its unique side.

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