Here’s how you can satisfy your inner child in grown-up spaces

We all have a child locked somewhere of us that many people are too reserved to unleash in their home interiors. Yes, refined, tasteful home décor is totally attractive but don’t forget to make your spaces livable and nostalgic in the process. Today, we’ll be featuring 5 ways in which you can satisfy your inner child even in grown-up spaces.


1. Make it cozy

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 The best way to interpret your childhood dreams in an adult home is by making the space as snug and as comfortable as possible. However, there’s a fine line between too much cutter and too little décor so you’ll probably find it challenging to balance it all out in one go. The best way to do so is to go for cozy, plush furniture and warm color tones.


 2. Make room for toys

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 We’ve all had that one plushie which we’d all loved to cuddle with at bed time. Some children even loved collecting tons of stuffed toys and if you still have some, then don’t be afraid to make them a part of your adult homes. Stuffed toys can make some pretty great décor, and you’ll definitely love the nostalgia and comfort that comes with displaying these in your homes.


 3. A dash of color

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 Don’t be afraid to articulate your childhood color palate in your adult homes. If you want it with a dash of sophistication, then here’s how you can do it: simply use textured objects in splashes of your favorite childhood colors as fun, attractive undertones in your interior design. The patterned throw on the couch and the pink ottoman in this image are a great example of this technique.


 4. Emulate your childhood

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We all had a small cluttered ‘kiddy’ shelf back in the old days where stowing away toys and drawing essentials was a chore. You can emulate a similar aesthetic in your homes by going for a bookcase or a small cabinet that’s similar in style but holds all your adult belongings. It’s the perfect way to bring a small amount of your childhood in your current homes.


 5. Frame your favorite memories

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Carpenters 


 One of the best ways you can introduce childhood nostalgia in your homes is by displaying some of your most precious memories. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a photograph. You can display your favorite artwork, stuffed toys and other small objects that remind you of the good old times in beautiful, in-built shelves throughout your homes.


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