Here’s how a busybody decorator can avoid visual clutter

Fancy yourself an amateur decorator? Always have the irrepressible urge to splurge on beautiful décor items for your home? Are starting to fear that you’ll flood your homes with unnecessary embellishment? Well, we’re here to help. There is nothing wrong with wanting to decorate your homes to the best of your ability, but being cognizant of the difference between ‘too much’ and ‘just enough’ is necessary. So today, we’ll be sharing a few tips on how a busybody decorator can avoid visual clutter!


1. Try to stick to the essentials

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As far as large-scale décor items are concerned, you need to remind yourself to only stick to the essentials. That huge wingback chair may look totally gorgeous, but it’s going to hinder the layout of your living room. You can also try to think in alternatives. For example, if the chair is too much, then how about a nice floor lamp or an ottoman instead? It’ll definitely help you avoid clutter.


2. A keen eye for balance

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If you like decorating, then you need to train your eye in the art of visual balance. This technique allows you to mix and match various decoration pieces while respecting the scale of the space, and showcasing their best parts. Usually, a tall, short, and medium sized object make a good cluster, but there are tons of other options you can try as well. Experience is key with this particular style.


3. Backlighting makes it better

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Here’s the magic ingredient in home decorating: backlighting. If it’s a shelf that’s embellished to the brimming with a huge number of accessories, backlighting can make it look trendy. If it’s a cupboard that is bursting with too much display, backlighting can make it seem stylish. If you’ve got a situation like this at home, try backing it up with glam backlights to rectify the whole effect.


4. Always be organized

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The key to making too much accessorizing look neat and pretty is by using organization. If it is all arranged haphazardly, then of course the effect is going to be messy and weird. On the other hand, if everything is featured in neat, symmetrical rows then even the large number of décor can become background knowledge to how pretty it looks.


5. Use simple statement pieces

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While you can be as disparate as you want to be with the majority of your décor, you need to stick to the basics as far as the statement pieces are concerned. As long as these are simple and plain, the rest of the stuff can be as dissimilar as you want with very little consequence. This is because the simplicity of the statement piece can balance the whole aesthetic nicely.


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