Here’s How You Can Emulate Zen To Your Home Interior Design

What exactly is ‘Zen’? It’s actually a school of thought that allows you to look deep within yourself with the help of proper meditative techniques. In terms of interior design, it is actually a way of life that insinuates the simplicity of life. So a Zen interior design basically takes simplicity and straightforwardness as an art form and translates it within your spaces. Here’s how you can emulate the Zen way of life in your homes!




1. Patterns of light and space

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Closeness to nature is one of the most emphasized characteristics of a truly Zen interior design, which is why large window portals that let in lots of natural light are such a huge component. You should also note that you can’t really opt for any decorative window treatment. Plain roller blinds are the best option for when you want to keep things simple and sweet.



2. Rejection of clutter

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Collection of clutter and other worldly possessions is completely rejected in the Zen ideology. Such interior designs are incredibly sparse and only accept the bare minimum that is needed for carrying on. Minimalism seems to be the root of all design choices in such a concept, which is why there are zero frou-frou accoutrements in any and all spaces.




3. Nature and natural materials

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Using natural materials and decorations is an amazing way to convert your home into a Zen paradise. You don’t have to do anything extra – just having a small shelf beside your window where you can place your indoor plants in sunlight is a great way to emulate this technique in your homes. However, don’t make the shelf design too complicated – just keep it simple.




4. Neutral color scheme

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If you’re wondering what color scheme to choose for your Zen inspired interior designs, then look no further than the neutral palate. Earthy tones and soft, breezy colors have a way of making the space seem relaxing and bare at the same time. These colors are also inspired by nature, which is why they’re the best choice for such a design concept.



5. Minimize worldly possessions

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Remember that Zen is a way of life and the most holistic way to embrace this ideology is to do away with unnecessary worldly possessions. The best way you can do so is by minimizing storage space so that you won’t have any space to hide things away. Try to design a kitchen with open cabinets, and avoid cleverly hidden storage spaces to fully embrace it!

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