Here’s how you can improve your sleep health by tweaking bedroom interiors

Treating yourself to a good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But if you have trouble falling into peaceful slumber and find your mind whirring with ideas at the most inopportune of time, then chances are that your bedroom ambiance is interfering with your sleeping patterns. To remedy this, here are 5 ways you can improve your sleep health by tweaking your bedroom interiors!


1. Using relaxing colours

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One of the foremost reasons that you cannot sleep well can be that your bedroom has been dressed in an aggressive or highly stimulating colour scheme. Therefore, it’s best to avoid all colours that either excite or entice you. Choosing a soothing palette can go a long way in making sleep instantly accessible. Try to opt for a neutral colour scheme, or go for soothing blues that put the mind at ease.


2. Decluttering is the key

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Another major reason that your bedroom interior design could be contributing to a lack of rest can be that there is just too much clutter in your spaces. Both visual and physical clutter can make you feel instantly irritated and often angry. The disassociation with the space can cause you troubles when trying to fall asleep. Try opting for hidden storage areas and sticking to the basic needs while designing your bedrooms to rectify this effect.


3. Mood and lighting

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Your mood is intrinsically interlinked to the lighting being used in your bedroom. If it is too bright and glaring, you’ll feel anxious and annoyed. If it’s too dim, it can hinder functionality. Find the right balance of mood and ambient lighting in your bedrooms. Doing so can help you achieve balanced cortisol levels that can help you fall into healthy sleeping habits.


4. Using nature

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Plants, trees, sky, and everything that is found in nature’s own palette has a unique way of putting the mind at ease. You can utilize this concept to spruce up your bedroom interior designs and achieve a healthy sleep schedule at the same time. You can pick and choose small indoor planters for your bedrooms. You can set them up on your nightstands, dressers, and even window sills.


5. Pick your mattress wisely

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One major reason that your sleep schedule is disrupted can be because your mattress is just not comfortable enough. In such cases, it’s best to shop wisely. Look around for the latest trends in sleep hygiene, and pick a mattress that can comfortably mold around your sleeping form no matter what direction you lay in.


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