Here’s how you can modernize the classical style for smaller spaces

The classical style may have made a comeback in the form of “neo-classical” but even this incarnation is limited to larger spaces. So, what about all the homeowners in Singapore who want to emulate this look in their moderate to small sized home? Don’t worry – we’re here to guide you on how you can retrofit this look in your homes as well.


1. Tray and cornice ceilings

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Ceiling designs used to be quite elaborate in the past – especially in the classical style. Therefore, it’s imperative to use at least a small amount of such detailing while using this look in smaller homes. It’s best to merge the borders (mainly the elaborate cornice) with the tray ceiling that represents the contemporary look. This can create a nice balance of simple an bold while relegating all the detailing to the periphery of your rooms.


2. Contemporary version of furnishing

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The classical style usually comprises of a very detailed outlook that can make small homes feel overwhelming and cluttered. To avoid this dilemma entirely, you can simply clad some of the feature walls in reflective mirrors. Not only can they add a sense of inherent style to your rooms, but they also create the illusion of more space, which balances out all the detailing.


3. Of kitchen backsplashes

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There are certain spaces in the home that you cannot fully don in the classical regalia, and these include the kitchen. Since functionality takes priority in such spaces, you have no choice but to dress them up in modern materials and lighting. When this happens, you can just introduce the classical style by using mainstream design elements like the backsplash. Pick out patterns that can complement the overall look with the grace and elaborate quality of this style.


4. Contemporary version of furnishing

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There’s a certain plush quality to all classical style furniture, but you can easily mimic it in contemporary designs as well. So, whenever you’re emulating the classical style in moderately sized homes, you can simply furnish them with plush contemporary furniture with straight lines, metal accents, and a cozy quality.


5. Traditional area rugs

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Lastly, for spaces where it’s unavoidable to go for a majority of modern finishes, you can also emulate a hint of neo-classical aesthetics by using design elements like area rugs. They’re understated, but they do tend to have quite an impact – especially when they feature bold patterns a la the neo-classical look!


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