Here’s how to introduce bright colours in dull themed interiors

A dull or understated interior design theme has the benefit of being absolutely elegant. However, too many neutral accents in one single space can end up being very monotonous. This is why it is always recommended by pros to introduce a splash of bold, vivacious accent colour in such spaces. They help manage the subdued colour scheme by creating a point of interest. Today, we’ll be sharing a few tips on how you can use such bright colours in muted interior designs. Let’s take a look:


1. Utilizing your floors

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When the surroundings have been spruced up with neutral, understated colours, the floor can be your canvas to creativity. You don’t have to go overboard and furnish it with materials that can destroy the elegant outlook of your homes. However, you can have a little bit of fun with its designing. Choosing relatively subdued peranakan tile patterns as the feature element of your floor is a good way to introduce accent colours in your dull interiors! You can even go for customized tile cut-outs!


2. Focal furniture

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While it may be impossible to go all out with the statement-worthy furniture concept in understated interior designs, you can have at least one such piece in your space to introduce some accents. However, this furniture piece has to be the focal point, and must be placed in a very emphasized place in your rooms. Couches, wingback chairs, and media consoles are an excellent way to go about it.


3. Tertiary design elements

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The primary design elements of your home comprise of the major focal points like the furniture, the ceiling, the floor, etc. The secondary design elements comprise of the decor, like wall art, decoration pieces, etc. The tertiary design elements comprise of the things that are always in the background – table legs, light fixture wires, window frames, door architraves, and more. You can choose the latter to introduce bold colours in your spaces.


4. Pattern to your advantage

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Sometimes, adding simple colour is not enough. Sometimes, you’ve got to go the extra mile by using patterns to make your interior designs break the monotony of their dull colour scheme. You can use inbuilt furniture and accessories to do that. The façade and grooves on such customized carpentry can definitely create an added interest in your spaces.


5. Rugging it out

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Area rugs are an amazing and fastidious way to emulate bold accent colours in your neutral interior designs. The best part is that they are easily replaceable, so you can simply choose another texture or colour or design if you get bored of your original choice!


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