Herringbone – Simple Way To Make Your Classic Home

When it comes to floor patterns, nothing can beat the subtle yet effective beauty of the Herringbone design. It’s easy to install and cost-effective to boot! The herringbone pattern emulates a layered effect that instantly catches the eye. Needless to say, it is truly a classic element for a home.

Although the herringbone floor pattern is time-honoured, it is important to note that it is not only used in a traditional and ancient home but it can also be utterly stunning in a home with Modern and Contemporary interior design. Hence, we are going to show you some points if you are considering adding this amazing classic herringbone floor design to your home!


1. Quick & Simple Installation

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Floor Xpert

It’s quite easy to install the herringbone floor pattern which features a rhythmic pattern that engages in symmetry. You should know that you won’t incur any extra expense in materials while trying to emulate this pattern, but the labour costs can vary according to the set up and the kind of material.



2. Cosy & Inviting

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Floor Xpert


The herringbone floor pattern is quite lovely as it gives off an instant feeling of warmth and cosiness in any interior design setting – whether it is modern or contemporary style. It can also be a fine alternative for the usual tile placements in the kitchen area. Thus, you can definitely take advantage of this pattern to make your modern homes look and feel more inviting.



3. Adjust your colour palate accordingly


You may want to adjust the colour and material palate of the rest of your interior design setting in order to make your herringbone flooring stand out. Meanwhile, you can try to make the most of the finishes lighter; hence, the wooden texture of the herringbone design may dominate the atmosphere of your space.

However, it is unnecessary to replace it if your home has been set up with an existing herringbone floor. You can simply refresh your style to look more eclectic and vintage in order to fit in with the aesthetic of the old floors.  Like the old saying goes – Classic never goes wrong!



4. Do not assume, Always

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Floor Xpert

It’s a common misconception that the herringbone gives off an old fashioned look. However, that is not the case. Do not assume that herringbone flooring makes your home looks ancient and outdated. As Nate Berkus says - Trends exist to make people feel badly about what they don’t have. Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

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