Hi Mothers Or Men Who Truly Love Their Wife, You Must Know Peg Perego

In this 21st century, everyone is busy, mama is busy too. Imagine when a mother is shopping in a supermarket, and her baby keeps crying... The mother probably will stop everything, and place her child in her hands. But, how can a mother keeps holding her baby all the time? No worries, Peg Perego hears you!

First thing first, do you have any idea about Peg Perego? Let’s get to know them!

Peg Perego is an Italian company since 1949, and products which are provided are strollers, carriages, high chairs, car seats, etc. with toy production and child care products. The material which is utilized for designing the product is rubberized fabric. This has revolutionized the market and each Peg Perego stroller or toy is labelled as safety, sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.


Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore 


Every mother is always looking for a solid, durable and comfortable stroller. The major problem of taking babies or kids out of the house is they hardly sleep. Thus, products which are made of comfortable and durable fabrics, safe materials from Italy, technological innovation and painstaking attention to detail prompts Peg Perego to deliver a superb performance. Every time a mother uses a Peg Perego product with her child, it is as if she places her child in her hands.

There are several types of strollers which is reversible, ergonomic, lightweight, compact and easy to close. For instance, Book, Pliko P3 Compact, SI, etc. which is made of the technological materials and fashionable fabrics.


1. Book – A jewel of technology and functionality

If you want to ensure your children to enjoy an extremely safe and comfortable ride from birth, Book is designed for you. It is a superbly equipped, simple and convenient plus utmost safe pushchair which can be moved effortlessly with just one hand. It is also easy to fold with one hand.  Book includes a hood with a transparent net window and loop to hang your child's favourite toy.

A practical zip allows you to turn the hood into a convenient parasol. You can open it, close it and push it with just one hand. The practical, height-adjustable single handlebar makes it even more maneuverable in all situations. Besides, the sack is always protected inside, ensuring perfect hygiene.

Choices of colour: Mod beige, mod red & mod black.


2. Pliko P3 Compact – Saviour for tallest parents

Pliko P3 Compact is suitable from birth and ideal for bigger children as well as families who are always on the move. It is strong, manageable and spacious thus it is really practical for those who also have older children since you can accommodate another child on the rear footrest. Yes, it is quite spacious!

Due to its ergonomic and height-adjustable handles created with a soft anti-slip rubber insert, it is like a saviour for tallest parents. Moreover, the zip is designed with a double slider; therefore, it is easily transformed into a convenient parasol. If you can’t take your eyes off your children for 0.01 seconds, you always can glance at your child’s lovely face since its hood has a peephole.

Choices of colour: Blue denim, mod beige, mod black & luxe grey.


3. SI – Sì has all you need

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the extra-manageable and compact pushchair which is Sì can accompany you anywhere. It only weighs 7kg! With this safe, simple and comfortable pushchair, it is suitable for children who are right from birth until he/she is older.


This pushchair utilised height-adjustable ergonomic handles, also it has a hood with a peep-hole, storage pocket and extractable net insert in order to protect the children from the sun. You can also hang your child’s favourite toy as on the inside of the hood there is a loop; meanwhile, the soft and enveloping cover and the rain cover complete the product.

Choices of colour: Marni, luxe grey, bloom red, blue denim & bloom beige


Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore 


What if I have twins? Steady, there are strollers for twins as well! For instance, Book for two, Pliko Mini Twin, Aria Shopper Twin, etc. Or if you have growing triplets or close siblings, Tripletter Piroet can be your option!

Last but not least, it is vital to provide a durable, safe, convenient and comfortable baby product for your babies or children because the growing stage of your child is only once.

Safety is the top priority, and Peg Perego products has satisfied safety criteria that go beyond national boundaries. Needless to say, their traceability is guaranteed. This is why a mother should get to know Peg Perego, an Italian brand which is dedicated to the mothers of the world. Of course, if you love your wife and children, come to explore the world with Peg Perego!

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